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The story of Trine is one of conflict. Dragons: Progenitors of the physical world from the Elemental Chaos. Gods: Progenitors of the civilized world from the Astral Sea. A war fought throughout time unending, a treaty keeping the two sides at bay. And in between, the Prime Material Plane – an entire world for the Progenitors to use in their proxy battles. The world is in a state of flux, new factions arising, new threats to peace born of a legacy of strife and bloodshed inherited from the Gods and Dragons. A group of strangers meet in the town of Fallcrest. Each of them with a heritage of the Progenitor War to some degree. Will they be pawns in a cosmic game of chess? Can they overcome their heritage, with so many of its details faded to myth and legend? How will their story shape the world?

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Trine: Heritage

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