Trine: Heritage

Flapping In The Breeze

Session 67

This session jumps back to present day with the Seven united again. The group begins their ascent of the spire to the City of Doors. Only Boreali, Tor, Hadarai, and Kara make it to the first landing…

When the group enters a mysterious room, they see Ashryn standing before them. It is when Ashryn turns into a succubus and summons some shadow demons that things get really weird. The weird climax, however, came when Hadarai was seduced by the succubus and ends up hanging out with his “lute” out.

Boreali was mostly worthless in this fight due to his lack of magic weapon. This night it was Kara and Tor’s turn to shine… and that is meant literally. They did fire and radiant damage to the infernal beasts and destroyed them utterly.

The group was very seriously damaged after this fight and required a long rest. Hadarai created a snug little magic hut where the group rested. When they emerged refreshed from the hut, they were being eyeballed (har har) by an undead beholder.

The group ended up exiting the room by walking up one wall and into a faux White Lotus Academy style room. There was a note left from Headmistress Vadriar instructing whomever found the note to “not rescue them.”

The group begins debating their options, while they also contemplate the fate of their allies: Napkin, Sovelis, and Guar (the were tiger).



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