Trine: Heritage

For One Canine Does not a Werewolf Make

Session 61

To say that this fight mirrored the one when the heroes saved Ashryn would be an understatement. It is as if the characters have truly been reborn and are reliving their lives in the Astral Sea… with and undead Barbie, a circus performer, and a minstrel.

Fresh from waking up in their tombs our heroes emerge into a valley and they see a canine looking fellow running from some orcs. They try to make contact with him but he is unresponsive. The crew decides to engage the orc pursuers and rescue the seemingly innocent werewolf looking dude.

In the battle Tor began melee with a few of the orcs. Bard, the Bard, ran here and there and begin lulling (or lolling) our enemies into various states of consciousness. The canine looking fellow pounced from the treetops and turned into complete canine form just in time to rip someone’s jugular from their throat. Boreali’s score for the evening work were three dead; three of them through the eyes and a final kill was dealt with a baseball bat swing from his Lance.

When the enemies were dispatched the good guys approached the hairy creature and made introductions. It was clear that this new person was not a werewolf but instead a shifter like the group had never seen before. He name was Karu and he was not quick to tell his name or his background. They learned that he had been held against his will by an orc commander nearby. This did not sit very well with the Seven. The next battle will be oppress the oppressors.


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