Trine: Heritage

The Mystery of Old Sara

Session 5

Day 3-4

The party decides to follow up on the mystery of the missing lady know as Old Sara. They discover that she used to own a store in town with her husband. After he died, she was approached by a man named Bairwin (a former customer) who offered to purchase the store from her. She sold it and went into retirement, but for some reason was dissatisfied with the changes he was making and wanted to reclaim the store. The party questions Bairwin and notices that he has made renovations to the store, expanding it and adding a basement. He is cagey and evasive, and it is somewhat inexplicable who exactly is providing him with custom, but the party is unable to pin him down.

They next head off to explore the Keep on the Shadowfell. They arrive at the ruins and find a door leading inside but can’t get it open. Howvever they do discover tracks leading away from the keep. They follow them, and arrive at a small farm near Winterhaven. Approaching they hear a scream, and burst into action. Ashryn manages to kick in the front door, and inside the party discovers a group of bandits and slavers. Holding a young farmgirl at swordpoint the bandits demand to be left alone, but the party refuses and manages to save the girl along with her mother and father and capture several of the bandits. They discover that they are working with Bairwin, bringing him sacrifices of young virgins for some sort of ritual, and that they are also working with the goblins at Shadowfell keep, providing slaves.

Returning to town with their captives in tow, they present them to the Lord Mayor Padraig as proof of the cult activity in town. He sanctions the arrest of Bairwin and the party heads to the store. Bairwin senses trouble however, and manages to slip through a secret staircase in the store. The party follows and arrives in a temple of the cult, confronted by cultists and summoned skeletons, they defeat them and corner Bairwin, but he commits suicide using his last breath to call out to “Kalarel and Orcus”. The temple has been used for numerous sacrifices and Lord Padraig is furious that this was occurring under his nose, and quarantines the store while opening a wider investigation into the cult activities.

The party now has notes linking the goblins and kobolds, the draconians, and the cult led by Kalarel in Shadowfell Keep.


Thrakk Thrakk

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