Trine: Heritage

Shake Karu. Shake.

Session 62

Fresh off the heels of an orc battle, the crew embarked on a quest to overthrow a nearby orc chieftain, and release his slaves.

the night of camping enroute was disrupted by a party of ghouls, who were fairly easily dispatched. Tor was back to looking like the badass hacking machine that he is.

After the rest, the crew managed to stumble upon an orc outpost. Bard, the bard, convinced the snetry to take them to the two commanders. A battle quickly transpired. Boreali fired a double shot to the rear commander and speared him through both eyes. The other axe wielding orc was a little more difficult to overcome, but Karu and Bard captured him.

The next session will open as the group decided what to do with their prisoner. Do they:
1. Cut of his head and take the trophy to a nearby cave and collect treasure for the other orc outpost?
2. Do the same thing after single combat- Karu, Tor, or Boreali?
3. Forget about the cave and go get the cheiftain?

Time will tell…


Thrakk jrodthehitman

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