Kalan'daxzt (Dax)

Drow Shadow Assassin


It would appear that Dax is opposing the Lightspeakers along with some other Drow. The party met one of his acquaintances – Akordia – and handed over a captured Drow wizard to her.


Few mortals are born twice. But when a young Drow named Kalan’daxzt awoke to reality the second time he was naked and unsure of everything but his name. He was in a luxurious bed, covered by furs, and the room was shrouded in darkness.

His eyes quickly adjusted to the low light levels that Drows are so familiar with, but the very shadows appeared to move and bend around him. A great beast manifested before him and as panic grew in his heart, the beast transformed into a beautiful woman.

She introduced herself as one of the seven monarchs of Karkoth, called Queen Irina. She was lord over a city-state called Tyarmur, loyal to the over-king Alexander. Tyarmur, she explained, was where Kalan’daxzt was waking up.

Queen Irina was calm and slow moving. She seemed to know why he was there, and was patient about dealing out that information. She referred to him as “Dax,” and eluded to a higher purpose for his reawakening.

He knew suddenly that he had died, and that he had been reborn in that place. Queen Irina explained that her deity, the Raven Queen, had sent him to do the pairs bidding. Dax knew this was true, but inside his heart burned another desire, a hatred for all of his kind, the Drow.

Queen Irina had been promised a loyal subject by the Raven Queen. She proposed a test of Dax’s loyalty- the murder of one of her political rivals. Dax quickly dispatched this high born human, flawlessly and without arousing suspicions.

He discovered along the way that he had been changed during his rebirth. Dax could move with complete silence in his step. He could almost completely disappear in the shadows, only his own shadow had been taken from him for an unknown reason.

Queen Irina was pleased by Dax, and she rewarded him in currency and in the bedroom. Being widowed early into her former marriage, the Queen had no male heirs, nor any children or male relatives to speak of. The lonely Queen took her fill of Dax both in covert missions and in the bedroom.

Rumors of a silent killer echoed in the alleyways of Tyarmur. The people talked of the Nethermancer Queen Irina as if she was the manifestation of the Raven Queen herself. They feared that her magic of darkness could extend to the very edges of her city-state. No one opposed the Queen during this period.

When Alexander outlawed assassins and proposed that neighboring Lord Haldrist marry Irina, Dax was sent away. The two lovers, Dax and Irina, had become fond of each other and lamented the parting. Irina, feeling that Dax had fulfilled his purpose in Tyarmur, freed him of his service. She instructed him to pray directly to the Raven Queen for purpose, and to follow the other desires of his heart.

Knowing that Dax wished to find out more about his former life in the Shadowfell, Irina presented him with a Nethermancer ring. Once per day the ring can summon a shadow beast to do Dax’s bidding. She told him that the ring also has a hidden power in the form of a “strong link to your home.” She told him that his name means “lost” or “renegade”, and that he was from the House of Kenndar. And with that she kissed him goodbye.

Dax left Tyarmur and the land of Karkoth entirely. It was on the boat ride to the City of Silver that Dax received a vision from the Raven Queen herself…

Kalan'daxzt (Dax)

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