Kinder Vrago of House Erann

Tiefling Psion


Countless generations have passed since the end of the Bael Turath empire, and the offspring of the humans who made infernal pacts with devils now roam Trine as Tieflings.
Kinder Vrago is one such Tiefling, however he has the infused spirit of an Arch devil coursing through his veins.

Before the Bloodfire Moon ritual, Kinder’s family members were gifted seers and prophets of the Bael Turath courts. They were the House of Erann, and many members of this family could see far into the future.

When Kinder’s forefathers arose from the altar in the Athanaeum temple, the pact between his family line and the Arch devil was complete, and with their visions of the future they were gifted with what the other houses called “End Sight.” This means that from a very young age, every member of House Erann could see the moment of their death.

What Kinder knows about his past was learned in his visions of the future. To his knowledge he is the last of the Erann House, and the only one in his family who can seek some sort of vengeance against the Nine Hells for the family curse.

Kinder is a free spirit. He seeks out new lands to feed his visions of the future. He has no fear of death or danger on these travels because he knows exactly when he will perish. He has amassed large sums of gold with his knowledge of future events, and he has spent or lost most of it because he realizes that he can always get more.

Because of his distain for the Nine Hells and Asmodeus, Kinder wishes to travel south to the Iron Circle to better mettle in the goings-on of that corrupt region. But before he can reach the Iron Circle he must pass by the Thunderspire mountains, and the very heart of the Order of the White Lotus, the organization his ancestors helped to maintain through the great war between the Arkhosia and Bael Turath empires…

Kinder realizes that though his wanderlust feeds his visions of the future, it also brings him that much closer to his inevitable death. He also knows that unlike other Tieflings, the devilish connection to his Arch devil is still very much alive, for a dark whisper from the Nine Hells invade all of Kinder’s dreams. The voice issues commands and consequences.

Perhaps the Arch devil will be the death of Kinder in the end, but he never speaks of his End Sight. And though Kinder is mostly apathetic toward the general minutia of life, visions of a future great war do move him. And despite a seeming apathy toward the rest of the world, other parties from all across Nerath show much interest in Kinder and his gift of sight.

Kinder Vrago of House Erann

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