Malharath was an only child. He was born to a family and society that had high expectations of him, so he was given the very best education and training, albeit tough and emotionally detached. However, he was often alone, with no close friends or people he loved. So he has trouble relating emotionally to others. Moreover, he values self-sufficiency and merit, and is often contemplative and sees little need to comfort or help others: he believes people should tough it out and help themselves.
He knew nearly nothing about the outside world. He thought his path was clear: to join the Lightspeakers and, without question, serve his people and bring light to the world by teaching others about their way of life. He was praised a perfect role model for others his age and younger. This was during the Last War, which tore the Kalashtar people apart and ravaged Eberron, and Malharath took the role his mentors had given him without question.
At the age of 15, Malharath joined the Lightspeakers, and the next few years turned his world upside down. There were a number of experiences he had which deeply troubled him and made him doubt the path he had chosen.

Malharath’s unit of Lightspeakers occasionally traveled to parts of the continent of Sarlona to spread “The Path of Light” to other, less-knowledgeable peoples. In truth, it was forceful conversion of those of other cultures. The Lightspeakers view all other cultures and people as inferior, as creatures to be forcefully converted or subjugated into slavery. The fact that the Kalashtar are such gifted psionic beings made this conversion easier, but that much more horrifying. Malharath had a natural silent curiosity, and sought to observe and learn from these cultures, only to find them wiped clean and overwritten with the Lightspeaker dogma and mission.

Malharath also saw firsthand, for the first time, the Warforged in action in Khorvaire. These were artificially created mechanical creatures, very physically durable and used to bolster the war effort. Malharath could see that some of these Warforged, especially those created by Aaren d’Cannith, had intelligence and some emotions, could learn, and were skilled. Yet they were very obedient, following orders from their superiors without question. They had the capabilities to think for themselves, and were even intelligent, and yet did not: they were simply tools, twisted into brutality by their commanders. It was then that Malharath realized he was exactly the same.

Malharath is, and always has been, emotionally distant and has difficulty relating to others, but had an experience which magnified this even further. In his brief time in Aerenal, he became particularly fascinated with the elves’ philosophy and way of life: their worship of ancestors, their social fluidity, and the fact that they marry for love. In particular, he became particularly attached to a beautiful, kind, elf maiden named Innae he saw praying in the temple. Although outwardly shy, he could communicate to her telepathically, and his curiosity about their way of life (and her clerical abilities) brought him out of his shell. But he couldn’t keep it secret for long: when his superiors discovered what was going on, they promptly wiped memories of him out of her mind, and he was reassigned. Since this experience, he has been particularly hesistant to form close relations with others.

After a few tough years, Malharath decided that he could no longer be a part of the Lightspeakers. But he did not know what else he could do among the Kalashtar, and wanted no part in this war on Eberron.

So with a heavy heart, he chose to secretly flee the Lightspeakers and travel to the mortal world to seek his own path, and learn about what else is in the world. He still has a hidden longing to return to his people, but does not know if he could fit in, or if he would be welcome. He feels something is fundamentally wrong with all that he was taught, but he does not know how to fix it. There is much to be gained by traveling the world: knowledge, friendship, love, and kinship.


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