Trine: Heritage

The Day That Never Ends
Session 51

Upon entering a secret cave, which is a back door to Blisterforge, Berendir recognized his dwarf kinsman, but something was off.

The group discovered that a mind flayer from the Shadowfell had taken over the minds of the two Bukbukken dwarves, and had added 4 duergar sentries.

A battle ensued and the good guys managed to keep the mindflayer’s tentacles off of the groups brains. Though the battle was handled without much adversity, the day is not over and our tired travelers must delve deeper into Blisterforge and discover what kind of Shadowfell evil awaits them.

Ori and Il-Kash were not able to join the party because they had been cursed in the last session. And the mindflayer recognized Tor’s ancestral sword- Thorn.

The Ill-Advised Knight
Session 50

The party has a new comrade-in-arms, Berendir the Half Elf. His chivalry and charisma is unparalleled, but his judgement is somewhat… lacking. Having been raised by dwarves, this knight decided to show the Seven the way to Blisterforge, his home.

Enroute, they met a messenger from Marhad. King Alexander wanted a status report. He bore a letter for Hadarai. In it, Omarion was revealed to be Hadarai’s father. As the messenger was leaving, a young woman approached on foot.

Quickly we learned that King Sarkomov from Kharsk had sent her, a wraith, a megaraptor skeleton, and some other sort of undead hound began a battle with the group.

Ori and Il-Kash took a lot of damage early on, and were cursed. But due in part to some great defense, the group bounced back. Hadarai put everyone to sleep and Berendir managed to keep two of the larger creatures occupied.

In the end, the heroes needed a short rest and to regroup. Then, they will continue on to Blisterforge.

The Successive Approximations of Boreali Windlord
Session 49

When Berendir, the half brother of Sovelis, entered the throne room, Boreali’s recent traverse to the realm of the Raven Queen came flooding back. Flashback commence…

• • •

Boreali awoke back in the Sea of Shadows, where he and the Seven were once betrayed by Olra and trapped in the Shadowfell. There instead were two of Olra’s shades, the shades of all of Boreali’s comrades, two giant dog-bear-dinosaur beasts, and Ambassador Kaidis, Captain of ship of death- Shadowmast.

Thankfully instead of Boreaili’s soul traveling to the Shadowfell, it was instead attracted to his own shade. He overheard one of Olra’s shades trying to sell the Seven shades to Ambassador Kaidis to crew the infamous black ship. Boreali’s personality awoke in the body of the shade to the surprise of everyone in the room.

Berendir was on a mission there to track down Ambassador Kaidis. He revealed himself at that time and Boreali and Berendir saw their goals align. When Tor’s shade was given the order to eliminate Boreali, Tor (and everyone else), awoke in their shades. A battle ensued. Victory went to the Seven (and Berendir).

At the end of the battle Berendir went back to Bonamia (to later recognize Boreali and join the Seven) and the shade of il-Kash went back to Olra. The others, including the shades of: Sovelis, Hadarai, Tor, and Boreali became the new crew of Shadowmast.

Somewhere on the Six Seas of Trine, there is a shadowy boat being led by the good Shades of our heroes, to possibly be called on in a time of war.

• • •

Back in the present, Berendir joins the five other heroes. His background, growing up in Blisterforge, presents the group with the next inevitable move. But for Boreali, the knowledge that Olra has already created a shade of him removes the last remaining hesitation that had kept him from waging war on that ill-fated Shaddar-Kai.

Stop It. I mean It!
Session 48

Not knowing exactly what to do,
Enter the Baron’s Castle, part two.

What will happen on the road ahead,
Sovelis’ bride is way beyond dead.

What are we gonna do with the dead girl on the floor?
Trust me, leave her outside the door.

I can’t believe how easily good NPCs fall.
And so they entered the banquet hall.

A feast was set this is true.
Baron, and a Shade and Olra too.

What ensued left us in fits.
It made us sick with rhyming couplets.

Everyone stood around singing ‘ta la la,’
Orla got bored and left with Tal’dra

As are many in Skalgard of his kind,
The Baron lit things on fire with his mind. (point for movie reference)

For once Steve wasn’t talking about sex.
The Baron floated around like a fat Professor X.

Many minions there were to be found,
With traps, and unconscious allies around.

The son needed to end this slaughter.
Sovelis jumped high and killed his father

Then the new Baron looked cool and said, ‘Sup?’
Then everyone else gave up.

What will he do now (aside from getting some),
Sovelis will stay and take over the kingdom.

Who will help the Seven on their flight.
His step brother is here to aid in the fight.

Once we rest, the group will be strong.
To the dwarves or the wench we will go before long.

Boreali wants Olra’s head for the chopping.
Till then, we unite Selduria and go shopping.

A united Karkoth is what we all endeavor.
Then we Paragon heroes will live forever.

We Does Maths Reel Gud
Session 47

From the East, the full posse of heroes attempted to sneak into the The Baron’s castle. And from the West, the Iron Wolf and Githzerai of Selduria besieged the Baron’s forces as a distraction.

The Seven entered the castle without issue, only to find more dead guards, and a always psychotic Scrpsoiu waiting for us. He couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t give up Tor and Ashryn. When pressed why he wanted these individuals, we realized that he was going to leverage them against Venic (who had discovered a way to finally destroy him).

Scrpsoiu is an immortal Greater Dragonborn, who began to change before our very eyes, as we hacked and cleaved him. In his first human form, he appeared like a liquid metal human. In his second form, his massive Dragonborn figure emerged. In his final form, his wings were exposed, as were his most powerful assaults.

In reality, the crew didn’t have much trouble dispatching him, though at the loss of Tal’dra. Boreal stashed her body, so that he could resurrect her after the Baron is found, and dispatched.

We left the Seven as Sovelis led them into the heart of his childhood castle.

Hadarai's Cloak Gets The Shaft
Session 46

A warrior party, led by Sihuan of Skalgard, approached the Seven at the border. Seeing the “returning Prince”, Sihuan was pleased… at least until she learned of the group’s true intention (and until il-Kash began getting his secret weapon out of Hadarai’s cloak).

The battle exhausted the rest of the group’s powerful attacks, but the resulting demise of this border patrol group will help to preserve the surprise attack on Bonamia in the war to come.

The Seven need an extended rest, and then Sovelis will lead them into the capital city of Bonamia from the east. The Iron Wolf and Githzerai tribes of Selduria will be waiting on the western border of Skalgard.

Time will tell who will be the victors: The Seven and the good King Alexander or The Baron and his Drow and Warforged allies.

Eye For An Eye & Ball For A Ball
Session 45

“Eye for an Eye and Ball for a Ball
That is the Prince of Destiny’s Law.”

This would forever be a childhood Drow mantra, if our heroes had left anyone alive in the last battle. Read on to find out why…

“The Seven” wind up to the east of Skalgard in an abandoned castle. When they walk in, they see a beautiful Drow named Tal’dra sitting at a banquet table. She quickly tells us to leave. Then Dax emerges from the shadows and attempts to attack his sister. Tor steps between them and Dax and Tor lock swords.

Boreal tells Dax to put down his weapons as he calls for his allies. Everyone agrees to calm down and put away their weapons. That is when Dax asks Sovelis to “break bread” with him. Sovelis is promptly poisoned, but manages to resist part of the effect.

Dax begins the battle by sliding under the banquet table and slicing Sovelis in what the Drow would call the “Dark Area.” The highlight of this fight was when one when of the Drow magic users began exploding his allies, causing massive damage to the good guys.

Boreal created a dragon to block an exit, and when Dax tried to flee Hadarai convinced him to come back into the room. That is where Boreali promptly shot him in the “Dark Area” with an arrow… killing him.

Though Tal’dra was killed in the battle, the Seven revived her, and they set off to meet up with her family- who are supposedly less crazy than Dax.

The Iron Wolf tribe, the Ghostdrake tribe, and the rest of the Githzerai tribes of Selduria have been rallied and will attack Skalgard from the southwest. Our crew will infiltrate Bonamia during the battle and will attempt to overthrow the Baron.

Mostly Alive
Session 44

They did it. It wasn’t noble… or pretty… or even eloquent, but Sovelis, Hadarai, Il-Kash, Tor, and Ori managed to get past the trolls, ogres, and ettins- into Tarsembor itself- and resurrect Boreali.

At the end of a very long day, Sovelis was handed a message from a courier that couldn’t remember how he had gotten the message. It instructed him to “come home” to meet his bride- to the land east of Skalgard.

A grand adventure is in store for the Prince of Destiny and his friends as they travel back toward his homeland, while trying to rally support for Alexander and the Seldurian rebellion, and thwart the Baron of Skalgard and the Drow.

The Hidden Kingdom of... Olra?
Session 43

The group got word from the Iron Wolf and Ixalin that in order to resurrect Boreali, they should take him to the hidden elven city of Tarsembor. It just so happened that Ori knew the way, so the crew embarked on that quest.

Enroute, Olra (the Shadar-Kai who the crew has dealt with in the past) spoke through Il-Kash’s shade and suggested that she be allowed to resurrect Boreali. The crew declined not so politely.

Arriving in Tarsembor, Ori wandered around until she remembered the way into the hidden city. There the group was confronted by the elf sentries, who were promptly dominated by Olra. A battle ensued with the shades of the elves. Olra (through the shades) explained that she knows the group wants to kill her and if they didn’t accept her “peace” offering, that she would take the first step toward preventing her own demise.

There were a few close calls to the group because the healers were either missing or dead, but generally the fight went without issue. The shades did almost come back to life, but an elven wizard broke the connection to Olra and there was much rejoicing.

The next session will hopefully be Boreali getting resurrected (hint hint).

"This Is What Happens Dude"
Session 42

…When you make a Drow racial slur.

On the voyage to the Iron Wolf’s realm Tor discovered a pixie in the hold of the Scourge of the Weak. The two argued for a while before going up on deck and realizing they were on the same team. The pixie was, of course, Ori. She had stowed aboard looking for an adventure.

When they reached landfall, Ori, Sovelis, Armstrong, Boreali, and Tor went ashore. They made it to the Woldred’s Hold without issue, but on approach they realized that the Hold was under attack by Warforged, Drow, and Skalgard knights.

Tor immediately rushed to his brother’s aid, Ixalin. Sovelis went into “hero mode” and went away from the group to rescue a child. That left Boreali, Armstrong, and Ori to battle 5 or 6 bad guys, two of whom were some pretty tough drow warriors.

There was little issue with this battle except for when Boreali was left farther back from the group. A drow shadow warrior phased through two buildings and came up from behind Boreali and struck him down.

The group quickly ended the other fights. Tor, Ixalin, and Olcith were reunited, and the group decided to go see the Iron Wolf (who had led some of his people farther into the mountains) in a hope that he could revive Boreali.

Ori still isn’t sure why everyone is so upset…


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