Trine: Heritage

[shadowfell amulets and algol]
Session 21 (in-person-session)

Still Day 17

The party meets Tacitus, learns troubling things about Algol, and fights off a mind flayer

[to be filled in]

Back to School
Session 20

Day 15-16 Travel by boat.
Day 17 Arrival at the White Lotus Academy

  • Battle with Warforged, Drow, and Kalashtar.
  • Rescue of Kinder
  • Discover this was the first wave of an assault on Trine by the Kalashtar of Eberron (via the Shadowfell).
  • Enter White Lotus Academy
Session 19

Day 14

The group reconvened with the Lord and Lady of Fallcrest and decided to go and free some captive slaves in the area from Dessel’s influence.

Upon leaving Fallcrest, they encountered some zombies and a human chasing each other around in the yard. When the group approached them, fire appeared everywhere and trapped them! Surtur, the Efreet had come to claim Kara’s body for his own in this plain.

The party fought valiantly, but in the end Kara had to make a deal with Surtur and save her friends by giving herself up to him. Kara said her last goodbye to the group (and told Boreali she loved him.). As soon as Surtur took her over she was transported to the Elemental Chaos with him.

Dismayed, the remaining party members went back into Fallcrest and started drinking at the bar. A few hours later, Ashryn walked into the bar as she was passing through the area to see the Lord and Lady of Fallcrest. When she heard what happened to Kara she decided to join with the party and help to save her friend.

Now the group is joined together with the purpose of saving Kara from a god-like Demon from the Elemental Chaos. Next they will go to the White Lotus Academy to try and look for answers.

Boreali's Mom Has Got It Goin' On
Session 18

Day 13

The group decides to set a trap for Sylvya & friends, but before they do, they have a soul to save!

Hadarai successfully completes a ritual to free Vanamere’s soul. Boreali finally gets to say his goodbyes. Not long after Sylvya approaches the tower with 2 bugbears and 2 minions.

Kara had the idea of hiding in the coffins inside what was left of the tower as Boreali took a sharpshooter position from a nearby tower. Tor used his stealth skills to sneak behind the group and flank them.

This plan sounded great until they realized that one of their hardest hitters and their healer were outside. Inside Sylvya summoned two nasty Wolves, and put a hurting on Hadarai (who had no healing surges left thanks to the ritual).

Kara and Sovelis took care of the fighting inside. Tor took care of the folks outside, and Boreali rushed to get closer to the group. In doing so, Boreali was able to deflect a fatal blow to Hadarai who was unconscious.

After mostly everyone was killed, we realized that a minion had slipped away and stolen Hadarai’s horse. The group pursued the minion and finally caught him. In typically ass-kicking form, Tor tackled the minion, crushing him into the dirt.

“And there was much rejoicing.”

Friendly Vampires and Sleepy Giant Zombies
Session 17

Evening of Day 11, Day 12

Our heroes faced the vampire guards of Vanamere’s Tower. One of the vampires was a little miffed that Dessel had imprisoned her at the Tower to guard Vanamere, so she readily conversed with the group before trying to kill us.

Kara exploded the minions with elemental escalation as Tor and Sovelis cut through the main bads. Hadarai put one of the two giant zombies to sleep.

The group discussed the merits of trying to save a vampires soul. Tor saved us the trouble by beheading and absorbing the souls of the fallen creatures into his helmet. Il-Kash is a little confused by this whole soul sucking process.

The group learned that Sylvya would be coming shortly to enter the tomb, but that they had time to head to Fallcrests to resupply. Day 12 is spent traveling to and from Fallcrest.

Boreali learned all the lore of Vanamere’s Tower from the Markelhays.

Session 18 will open as the group sets a trap for Sylvya.

To the Tower, Just Kidding
Session 17

Day 11

The group makes it to Vanamere’s Tower, meets Hadarai, and realizes they are being followed. The group then follows the followers, following the following progression:

1. The followers are after Sovelis. They are suppose to bring him home.
2. Sovelis really doesn’t want to be found… and btw, he is a prince.
3. The group kicks some ass, and actually does take names.
4. Tor learns that Sovelis’ family is responsible for the massacre on his village.
5. Tor learns that the Baron was the last person to have his missing holy symbol (and that the Iron Wolf knew this).
6. The group sends the followers back with their tails between their legs… now knowing that Sovelis has learned to fight well (and somehow to avoid most hits).

The group then prepares to spend the night in Vanamere’s Tower. When Boreali searches for his mother, Vanamere’s spirit recognizes him. Boreali tries to heal her, but that appears to actually hurt her and the coffins start to open. Vanamere disappears and the group readies for battle.

il-Kash, Have Fun Protecting the Castle
Session 16

Day 10

While the others are battling the dragon, il-Kash defends the gate against some fire elementals.

You say Dragonborn I say Draconian
Session 15

Day 10

The party arrive to find Winterhaven under attack by Kobolds. They dive into the fray, but are pulled up short by a group of Draconians led by a young black dragon named Axiokon. It seemed to know of Kara’s father, Solfernath, and intimated that he is not working for Tiamat and is seen as some kind of traitor.

Mother Issues
Session 14

Evening of Day 9

Dessel the Necromonger is irritated to learn that our heroes have destroyed many of his Prime Material contacts, including Kalerel. He calls on his last remaining loyal subject, Sylvya, to gain allies and await his command.

At that point Dessel manifests in the room, as he recognizes Boreali as the son of his lost love, Vanamere. Confused, Boreali tries to find out more about his mother. All the group learns is that Dessel is trying to bring Vanamere back from the dead. That her spirit is still trapped inside of her tower.

Boreali swears to get to his mothers spirit first and set her free. With that a battle begins, and Sovelis and il-Kash vanish…

Tor and Kara do a massive amount of damage, and after a quick faux death, Dessel reappears with a zombie Beholder and begins an assault that includes a “dominance” over Tor. Though Boreali couldn’t heal anyone within Dessel’s necro aura, he manages to help Tor come to his senses.

As Dessel is close to death, he swears that he will bring his love back from the dead. With that Boreali, Tor, and Kara let loose a fury of assaults that render’s Dessel into a pile of ash.

Sovelis and il-Kash reappeared after Dessel was gone, and the group rested up in the courtyard of Shadowfell Keep with the two Winterhaven guards and the three rescued citizens.

Though the group discovered an amulet that must be cleansed of it’s corruption, Boreali’s only thoughts are of getting back to Cloak Wood, and to the tower of his twice-birth.

The Untimely Demise of Kalarel
Session 13

The PCs finally track down Kalarel and cut him down to size
Day 9
Statues and Kalarel

The party arrives to see a ritual almost completing, and despite decapitating Kalarel are unable to stop it in time.


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