Trine: Heritage

The tomb smelled musty and damp, and a little sweet, as if it were haunted by the ghosts of long-dead cookies.
Session 12

Day 8
Shadowfell Keep Level 2 and rest in tomb

The party fight The Three: Brains, the Shieldmaiden, Brawn the Barbarian and Beauty the Assassin
They also meet Casper Sir Keegan, a friendly ghost and disciple of the mighty wizard Halaster

Silent then Deadly
Session 11

Evening of Day 7
Shadowfell Keep Level 1

The party goes through much effort to obtain disguises and a password to infiltrate shadowfell keep, and then proceeds to murder every goblin inside

They manage to free 3 slaves, 1 of whom was being tortured

Ninaran Shoulda Ran
Session 10

Evening of Day 6

The group comes back to town after fighting Iron Tooth. They pop in to their Inn, the Wrafton Inn, for some needed R&R. There they encounter the elf Ninaran. She appears to be watching the group very closely.

Tor notices that Ninaran has a piece missing from her garb, in the shape of a cloth fragment that was written on to warm Iron Tooth of our presence. Her plans were to raise a host of undead for Kalarel.

Boreali is the first to act. He flies over behind the bar (in front of Ninaran) and levels his bow at her. The group circles in to flank. The proprietor steps between Boreali and Ninaran, which gives her enough time to summon some evil wolves.

Boreali and Ninaran take pot shots at each other, but Boreali is flanked by the wolves. The group makes some strong moves against the wolves, especially Sovelis and Kara.

Boreali gets knocked unconscious, and Ashryn runs in to revive him. A few moments later Boreali has to return the favor for Ashryn, and he keeps her down in the back of the fight.

Ninaran is taken to the lord of Winterhaven to be imprisoned, and Boreali and Kara share their feelings with Ashryn. Boreali asks Ashryn to go away for her own good, and later that night Boreali, Ashryn, and Kara spend the night together.

Ashryn leaves early in the AM hours and takes Douven Stand back to Fallcrest. She gives a note to il-Kash to give to Boreali and Kara in the morning.

Trojan Warforged
Session 9

Day 6
Go to get Il-Kash w/ Sovelis, Kara, Boreali, and Tor
Fight and defeat Irontooth
il-Kash plays the captive waiting for his moment to strike and throwing the enemy into disarray
Ashryn goes berserk on Irontooth upon discovering the mark of the bloodreaver clan on him

Cut a Warforged, Does it not Bleed?
Session 8

Dax, Il-Kash, Sovelis, Kai
Discover Irontooth’s cave
Evening of Day 5
Encounter with a bone golem Warforged sent by the Lord of Blades to make a deal of some sort with Irontooth or his master, and also to hunt down il-Kash

The Mark of the Bloodreavers
Session 7

Upon meeting Tor back at camp for the first time, Ashryn, Boreali and Kara set out to explore the area (Sovelis, il-Kash, and Kai are off exploring another region).

The quickly encounter a group of Hobgoblins with the Mark of the Bloodreaver. Kara notices this mark before anyone, as it was the same tribe of Hobgoblin that she had liberated Ashryn from long before. Kara informs Boreali, and the two go into battle enraged on Ashryn’s behalf.

Ashryn, Tor and Kara handle the main frontal assault, and Boreali flies up on top of the highest point and makes several careful shots to take down the leader, including one on his back for the deathblow.

Who's on first?
Session 6

Outskirts of Winterhaven, South
Day 5

After resting for the night, the party decides to head out to the South to investigate the excavation site where Douven Stand was supposed to be working. As they approach they come across the body of a dead kobold, and when they stop to examine it they are struck by an arrow that paralyzes Ashryn.

In the ensuing fight they battle Draconians who were murdering Kobolds, and then Drow and a Warforged show up and start shooting arrows at everyone, and then another Drow shows up and starts killing the Drow shooting arrows.

The Mystery of Old Sara
Session 5

Day 3-4

The party decides to follow up on the mystery of the missing lady know as Old Sara. They discover that she used to own a store in town with her husband. After he died, she was approached by a man named Bairwin (a former customer) who offered to purchase the store from her. She sold it and went into retirement, but for some reason was dissatisfied with the changes he was making and wanted to reclaim the store. The party questions Bairwin and notices that he has made renovations to the store, expanding it and adding a basement. He is cagey and evasive, and it is somewhat inexplicable who exactly is providing him with custom, but the party is unable to pin him down.

They next head off to explore the Keep on the Shadowfell. They arrive at the ruins and find a door leading inside but can’t get it open. Howvever they do discover tracks leading away from the keep. They follow them, and arrive at a small farm near Winterhaven. Approaching they hear a scream, and burst into action. Ashryn manages to kick in the front door, and inside the party discovers a group of bandits and slavers. Holding a young farmgirl at swordpoint the bandits demand to be left alone, but the party refuses and manages to save the girl along with her mother and father and capture several of the bandits. They discover that they are working with Bairwin, bringing him sacrifices of young virgins for some sort of ritual, and that they are also working with the goblins at Shadowfell keep, providing slaves.

Returning to town with their captives in tow, they present them to the Lord Mayor Padraig as proof of the cult activity in town. He sanctions the arrest of Bairwin and the party heads to the store. Bairwin senses trouble however, and manages to slip through a secret staircase in the store. The party follows and arrives in a temple of the cult, confronted by cultists and summoned skeletons, they defeat them and corner Bairwin, but he commits suicide using his last breath to call out to “Kalarel and Orcus”. The temple has been used for numerous sacrifices and Lord Padraig is furious that this was occurring under his nose, and quarantines the store while opening a wider investigation into the cult activities.

The party now has notes linking the goblins and kobolds, the draconians, and the cult led by Kalarel in Shadowfell Keep.

Creeping Shrinkage ("It's cold in here")
Session 4

Wrafton Inn, Winterhaven
Day 3, Night

The party rests for the night in Wrafton Inn, and unwind with perhaps too much imbibing of alcoholic refreshments. This is not helped by the locals, who are fascinated with Kara and overjoyed at the idea of having the Kobold lair destroyed. Discussions and jokes soon give way to singing and dancing, until blind drunk Boreali strips naked and demonstrates to the crowd his ability to fly. It does not go well and he fails to “impress”, to which Ashryn shouts out “It’s ok, it’s cold in here!” having had perhaps too much to drink herself. This causes raucous laughter, and Kara hops on a table using her tail as a mock phallus, prancing around and teasing Boreali. Ashryn blushes furiously at the display, but her eyes are fixed alternately on Boreali and Kara throughout the proceedings, and she continues to sip from her drink (which is refilled by Kara whenever it starts to get low) throughout the night. Malharath and il-Kash do not take part in the debauchery, but watch, fascinated by the range of emotions and open displays of joy so in contrast to their respective upbringings.

The gangs all here
Session 3

Moonstone Keep, Fallcrest
Day 1, Evening

The entire group is summoned to the Lord Warden Markelhay of Fallcrest. There he reveals that there is something strange going on with the planes, and that it appears the Dragons and Gods may be moving towards war once again. He commissions the group, as all are extraplanar in one way or another, to help investigate these threats. The first step is to head towards the town of Winterhaven, where an artifact stolen from the Paladins of Bahamut has been taken by someone named Kalarel. In addition to this the Lady Markelhay requests that the group look into her missing mentor Douven Stand from the White Lotus Academy of Magic, who was performing research near Wintherhaven. The party is given basic supplies and sets out the next morning.

On the King’s Road, halfway to Winterhaven
Day 2

Travelling along the road, Ashryn has been keeping the party’s spirits up (mostly) and the miles fly by. As they enter the hills of the Nentir Vale where the King’s Road bends back and forth, the party all but stumbles across a bizarre scene. A pair of cloaked figures standing besides some recently exhumed graves, talking in furtive whispers. As the party approached, one of the figures threw off its cloak revealing some sort of dragonkin creature, while the other ran down the road. A host of kobolds burst out of the surrounding trees, trying to protect the dragon creatures. They failed, and the party wiped them out, recovering a messenger tube with a note inside written in goblinoid, addressed to someone or something called “Irontooth”.

Winterhaven, Nentir Vale
Day 3

The party arrived at Winterhaven without further incident. They were introduced to Lord Padraig, mayor of the town, who commissioned them to wipe out the kobold lair but denied the existence of a cult or anyone named Kalarel. Further investigation of the town revealed several other leads: that a cult is apparently working with the kobolds, that Douven went to a dragon burial site nearby, and that a woman named Old Sarah went missing after selling her store to a man named Bairwin. (to be continued)


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