Trine: Heritage

il-Kash and Malharath arrive at Fallcrest and save it with Boreali!
Session 2

(Knight’s Gate, Fallcrest)
(Day 1 Morning)

il-Kash arrived in the city of Fallcrest, receiving the usual looks of awe and fear that he had become used to in this strange world of soulless beings. As he entered the city square a young Elf girl, clad in chain mail and carrying a large morning star, approached him with a look of wonder and curiosity in her eyes. She introduced herself as Ashryn, and while il-Kash found her perky demeanor overwhelming she proved a useful source of information. She arranged a meeting for him with the Lord Warden of Fallcrest, and while waiting il-kash made his way to the Nentin Inn.

There he encountered a Kalashtar named Malharath – a fellow Eberron dweller, inexplicably here in Trine. They engaged in some religious and politcal debate, but before they could part ways or come to blows Ashryn returned with a strange man in tow. He was Boreali, a Genasi in the service of Fallcrest. He engaged both il-Kash and Malharath in a discussion about their origins and planar travel, and managed to forge some common ground between the Eberronians.

As they all settled in to drink and converse, a guard stumbled into the Inn and collapsed, speaking of an attack on the Knight’s Gate. Leaping to heal him Ashryn implored Boreali to aid the defense of the gate, and he rallied il-Kash and Malharath to go with him. Together they rescued the surviving guards at the gate and killed the kobold attackers, working seamlessly together and developing a sense of trust and fellowship in the process.

Boreali and Kara meet
Session 1

(Nentin Inn, Fallcrest)
(Day 1 Afternoon)

Returning from a routine patrol around the outskirts of Fallcrest, Boreali and his partner Ashryn headed to the Nentin Inn. A Genasi warlord raised in the Elemental Chaos, Boreali was still adjusting to his life in Fallcrest. Ashryn, an Elf cleric who had healed the grievous wounds he received from the violent transportation to the Prime MAterial Plane, was a great aid in helping him adjust to life here. She looked on him in part as a broken bird that she had brought back from the brink of death, and part as a strong fighter to look up to. They made an excellent team in the service of the Lord Warden of Fallcrest.
As they entered the inn, busting with the evening crowd, they heard a large and impsosing figure, well dressed but oafish of manner, trying to hold court over the common room. The only thing bigger than the self-titled ‘Lord’ Armos Kamroth’s wallet was his ego, and he flaunted both with equal lack of tact. He was at that moment staring at a young lady coming downstairs from the second floor lodgings – a woman who looked like an Elf, but with red skin and a tail. “What is THAT?!?” Armos shouted loudly and let out a great guffaw of raucous laughter.

Silence settled over the common room as the red skinned woman, fire in her eyes, started towards Armos. But Boreali motioned for her to stop, and walking past Armos quietly slid out the chair from under the man. Boreali and the red Elf, along with Ashryn, took a few steps over the hearth, just in time to witness Armos falling flat on his ass and spilling his drink all over his fine clothes.

Armos stood up, spluttering threats and eventually fled the inn threatenin retribution. This gave the red Elf woman a chance to introduce herself. She was Kara, born from the union of her Elvish mother and a Dragon father! She and Ashryn recognized each other, as some time ago Kara had rescued Ashryn and many other captives from slavery at the hands of Hobgoblins. Kara had never met her father, and her mother had died some time ago. She had been spending her life wandering from town to town, working as a guard or entertainer by using her fire magic.

Ashryn was summoned away to report to the Lord Warden. Shortly after she left Armos returned with some hired thugs, intent on seeking revenge! A battle ensued, in which Boreali was severely injured, but Armor was knocked out and his thugs fled in terror at the combined power of Boreali and Kara. Dragging Armos’ NAKED unconscious body from the inn, the pair turned him over the guards and reunited with Ashryn who healed Boreali. Together the three set off to report on the incident to the Lord Warden in Mooncrest keep.


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