Trine: Heritage

Enter Bard, The Bard
Session 60 (1st 5e Session)

Since the in-person, session 59, much has changed. Not only have the players switched from D&D 4e to D&D 5e (D&D Next), with two players taking summer “breaks” from D&D, but events in the lives of the characters have taken a dramatic turn…

1. Ashryn was asked to be queen of Vailin. She accepted and is no longer a part of the Seven.
2. Sovelis decided to go back and lead the Skalgardian people.
3. Ori is missing. She is somewhere in the Feywild and will be having her own transformation (that will be role played later in the story line).

With that in mind, the remaining 4 characters: Tor, Hadarai, Il-Kash, and Boreali ended up going through portals to Sigil at some point during the Vailin celebrations. What happened after that is a blur, for those characters awoke in tombs some two years later with no clothes, no weapons, and no memories after the Vailin events (think “The Hangover”). Enter Bard, the Bard…

Bard, the Bard is a grand storytelling and singer. His instrument of choice is the dulcimer. When not making enough money from his music playing he often does some smuggling on the side.

Bard had received a message from an old mystic elf from Vailin, named the Vridian. The note said that he could find the “Seven” in an old abandoned crypt. Bard, who despite being a good fighter and musician in his own right, has somewhat low self esteem. In the past, he had sought out heroes and legendary figures so as to compose his magnum opus. Bard thought that this was his opportunity to shine. He sought out the Seven in the crypt and ended up freeing them from their tombs.

Hadarai and Il-Kash were missing, but Tor and Boreali awoke and were not happy about their lot. Tal-dra was also there, in her newly undead state. She explained how Olra had kept her promise two years earlier and delivered her to the Seven when they had arrived in Sigil. After that, she claimed that some sort of sleep-like spell was laid upon the heroes.

When Boreali, Tor, Tal’dra, and Bard attempted to leave the tomb, they encountered some drow. They were looking for Bard, and the missing items he was smuggling. A battle ensued, and the heroes fought their way out. It was clear that some of the warriors had awaken with a very different style of fighting. This was going to take some getting used to…

So that is where we leave our heroes. Two missing. Two who will try to discover what happened to them. One lost in the Feywild. One undead companion. One bard, to sing of the (hopefully) grand deeds that await this new Seven.

Between Versions
"Cubie" Sessions

In the aftermath of the battle Tor and Sovelis share that bottle of dwarven brandy

Boreali partakes at the loss of his love Kara.

Several of the elves at the fort are throwing a party, celebrating the end of their partially self imposed illusion.

While a group of them perform a dance, this one keeps smiling at Boreali.


“What is your name.”

“Cyithrel. And you are the Windlord, Boreali.” She favors you with another smile as she takes your hand and tries to lead you to the dancing.

Boreali remembers the soldiers in mazzikims army calling him windlord but he is intoxicated and doesn’t mourn well. He does dance drunk well.

He doesn’t know what she is talking about and may refer to her as Kara multiple times that night. But he dances and drinks and does whatever else feels good :)

(Wait first this happens while Boreali is with Cyithrel) – During the night Boreali is awoken with Cyithrel sleeping in his arms. A shadowy figure looms in the doorway eclipsing the moonlight.

Boreali tries his best to sober up and slowly move away from cyithel towards his sword. Then he lunges up and toward the figure as if to strike

A hand catches the sword and holds it steady. “Apologies, Windlord. I meant not to startle.” A deep voice speaks as the shadows resolve into Triunis. “I did not wish to disturb your coitus but I wanted to congratulate you. Defeating those devils was a necessary test, for without it the strength to defeat them you would not last against what is to come.”

Still hung over Boreali sits down on the nearest object. “How do you know my childhood nickname? I didn’t fly in the last battle. Do you know my father?”

Realizing he is still naked he thinks for a moment about covering up with something but his head hurts too much to move and decides devas aren’t easily offended by mortal flesh

Triunis stoically watches the goings on without reaction. “I know much about you Windlord. It could be said I owe you a debt twice over, though your mortal mind is not equipped to comprehend why.” His voice amplifies during this part, resounding throughout the entire keep. “For the deeds of the past I grant you and your allies all rights and benefits of my realm, sigil, city of doors. For the deeds of the present your second boon I grant you this ring of power.” [He conjures the ring I showed you all before]

And with that he opens a door in your room that was a closet but now opens into a throne room of magnificent opulence. Triunis breathes a deep sigh “It is good to go home at last.” And he walks through the door and closed it.

In the ensuing silence Cyithrel let’s out a deep breath, and then throws open the covers and loss at Boreali. “I’m going to need you to get back into bed right now.”

Hadarai joins with some of the musicians at some point up on a platform. Your vantage allows you to notice a small group of revelers are keeping themselves somewhat apart, and they look slightly different from the other elves.

Needless to say, Tor, Sovelis and il-Kash are objects of much fascination too, these elves having been in seclusion for decades at least.

(Meanwhile, somewhere else…) Ori finds herself in a lush forest, over flowing with life, colored by a sun that is definitely not of trine and everything with a sense of deep magic. Of course she recognizes the feywild. “Balls. Not here again.”

Boreali smiles at cyithrel. Trying to push thoughts of Kara and something even more deeply rooted brought out by the words of triunis. He crawls into the arms of the elf girl where he feels like the Boreali of old.

(Time passes)

The celebrations continue for several days, with no word from Triunis. The elves throw feast after feast.

Eventually you hear the sounds of a commotion coming from the gates, and a crowd is forming.

Boreali has likely been drunk since the strange night with the girl and the triunis closet trick. He stands half buzzed and half hung over. “Hand me my bow.” He makes his way to the commotion.

Suddenly a puff of smoke belches out of the center of the crowd, who all let out a cheer. And then they part and a figure in gleaming plate runs out, golden hair streaming behind her and crashes into Boreali, lifting him off the ground in a massive hug.

A little slow to react Boreali smiles as wide as he can remember ever smiling. “ashryn! Is that really you?” He embraces her back.

She let’s out a laugh “Boreali it is you! I heard you were dead!”

As you separate she looks around. “Where are the others? Are they with you?”

“We are just kind of waiting here… For what I don’t know. I have… Boreali looks down in some amount of shame (as ashryn is Boreali’s true litmus of right and wrong on his life)… Been drunk for a long time. "

She laughs again and gives you another hug “You fool. I’ve heard abbot what you’ve all been up to. And just look around us! If anyone deserves a few drinks I think it’s you.” She leans in and whispers “I could use one myself.”

Before you cab react a blur of flapping wings and scales lands on Borealis head and begins keening. A puff of smoke belches out, warm air covering you.

Boreali freezes and looks into ashryns eyes to assess the situation. He tenses into sobriety. “What just landed on my head?”

“Ah. Yes. Let me introduce Io.” She holds out her arm and a baby dragon clad in a shimmering mix of chromatic and metallic scales like nothing you’ve ever seen leaps from your head and perches on her arm, quickly climbing to her head as she momentarily staggers under the force.

“Gods above he grows so fast. Io, this is Boreali. A dear friend. Friend!” He sniffs the air in your direction and let’s out a small growl before flapping clumsily back into the air.

“You have a pet dragon! I have so many questions for you.”

“And I’ll answer them all” she goes with you to find the others and tells you all about her journey with kara and being given the egg from venic and orome escorting her back here to her homeland.

At the mention of Kara’s name Boreali gets stern again. “She has left me…uh… us for good this time?”

“I have not heard from her since she left to return to numoth. When we arrived, orome and I managed to make it to the council of vailin, and there I took up a massive dragon scale they called Scaliburn. They seemed shocked that it did not harm me, and as I held it the box fell to the ground and broke open, the egg inside hatched and he came out.” She nods to iodrax as he flaps by. “They named me princess of vailin and want me to remain as their Queen.”

Boreali reels himself back in a bit and have smiles. “Can’t really turn that down can you?”

“It would take a very good reason.” She says softly

Boreali pauses and thinks back to their past… pauses… then thinks better of it. “You will make an excellent queen.” Then he embraces her and gives her a big kiss. “As long as you don’t forget about us.” He smiles at her and lets the embrace go loose.

She smiles somewhat sadly

(Both of them could tell that this was a good bye kiss. He loves her, yes, but not like he did Kara. Boreali’s love extends beyond eros to Ashryn. He kissed her partly to say good bye, partly to let her know that he will always love her, and partly because he knows it will drive her crazy.)

“Know that all of you well forever be welcome and have friends and allies in vailin. I intend to join Alexander’s coalition as well.”

“I had a dream that i could tell was sent from Bahamut himself. He said you each have a role to play yet and that there are more to join you, and that a door will open. Whatever that means. But for right now? We drink!” She wants to catch up with each of you. Even il-Kash!

“Then let us continue the festivities!” And for the first time since they arrived Boreali is not trying to drown out his feelings.

The Love - Hate Relationship with Paragon
Session 59 (In Person Session)

On our (almost) 10 month anniversary of playing Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Ed., we began the first of our paragon level fights. And had it not been for our well thought out in-person strategy, this fight could have gone a different way…

The Seven (the next generation) entered into the Stone Cauldron, the hidden passage into the elf kingdom of Vailin. The pristine conditions of the buildings were in line with the carefully manicured shrubbery, that is until Hadarai noticed that it was all an illusion.

We arrived in the very large fortress on top of a hill. We spoke with the warden who explained that the illusion was also a protection spell, protecting Vailin (and the realm) from the City of Doors (Sigil) and the devils who had infiltrated it. The warden seemed relieved that “the Seven” had arrived and that it was time to open up that connection (though the good guys still don’t have any idea what all these references to “The Seven” is about).

So Hadarai opened the portal. The Seven had arranged themselves in one room and blocked off another so that the 9 devils had to come attack from only one entrance. The usual tomfoolery transpired:

  • Il-Kash taking a total damage of close to 180 hp
  • Boreali staying mostly out of sight to spend most of his heals on Il-Kash
  • Tor and Sovelis having a contest to see who can kill the most devils
  • Tor getting dominated and attacking a few of us
  • Hadarai using is Illusory Wall to aid us in funneling the bad guys
  • Ori wandering off and disappearing as the portal opened
  • Ashryn being separated from the group (surprise surprise)

The devils were dispatched eventually. It was difficult toward the end of the fight because their ranged attacks were very powerful (hence the hate part of the relationship with paragon level).

The warden of the elves turned out to be the lord of the City of Doors, named Triunis… not an elf at all. Had this all been a test of the Seven? Where did Ori go? Where is Ashryn? Where is the Seven going to go next. Will the group even continue playing 4e or will it test out 5th edition. Only time (and Thrak) shall tell.

She Knows When You Are Sleeping
Session 58 (St. Crick & Boreali's Gold Standard)

This is part two of “Snakes on a Boat” (Samuel L. Jackson’s lesser known prequel).

Anyway, there were dragons. A big one named Razeth and her little wyrmling. The Seven were tired. Razeth seemed to just be getting started. Then a thought crossed Boreali’s mind… Bluff her!

He quickly said something pithy about how the good guys would spare her wyrmling if they were to leave the ship. Then he told her that if she didn’t leave, he would summon a gold dragon using the magic Talos had taught to Boreali in the Elemental Chaos.

Razeth really looked like she took heed for about a split second. Then she lit the deck on fire with her lightning breath weapon. Boreali used his Windsoul powers to fly into the middle of a fire and put it out. Hadarai used a enormous magic hand to scoop up water and put out a fire. Il-Kash used a sword burst to ionize the air surrounding the fire, putting it out.

Meanwhile, Tor and Sovelis were hacking away at the wyrmling and Boreali summoned an ancient gold dragon. It was an illusion, but Razeth bought the bluff.

After the dragons had gone, Olra gave the group a belt that will help Boreali heal his allies. She warned Hadarai that we might not like what we find in Vailin. She explained what had happened to Tal-Dra. Apparently she is a revanent. The group requested her so as to rehabilitate her. Olra said she would return Tal-Dra to the group sometime enroute to Vailin.

- – - -

Once the Seven get to Marhad they notice that Kara is gone, and that there is an elf in court delivering a message to Hadarai.

Olra Brings the D
Session 57

Though it could also be argued that Il-Kash brought the D… Anyway…

While Berendir, Ori, Armstrong, Man D. Bill, and Olra sit on their pretties, the rest of the crew of the Scourge of the Weak were battling dragons. They are flying down from above. They are coming up out of the water. They were biting very private areas. They had laser beams… (this part is a lie).

The lightning dragon, Razeth, brough her two wrymlings and some minions to collect Olra. On principle the crew doesn’t believe in playing nice with servants of Tiamat. Some draconic niceties were exchanged, and then Boreali tried to cram a ballista bolt up Razeth’s caboose.

Fighting happened after that. Lots of fighting, mostly on the part of the dragons. The good guys spent the early part of the fight missing and/or getting knocked down. The highlights of the fight so far have to involve both Sovelis and Tor climbing the mast to attack Razeth.

With one wyrmling left and a weakened Razeth, the crew hopes to live another few rounds and put an end to this evil dragon. Maybe then they will discover what “item” Olra wants to give them (but it is just as likely she will disappear and screw them all). After that, Marhad is the destination…

Quintessence of Dust
Session 56

What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—and yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?

The Seven will attempt to answer this master Hamlet in level 11 and beyond. Beginning their first actions after reaching paragon level, the crew is arguably the quintessence of Trinian dust… but only time will tell.

They awoke from their rest after rescuing Rik Bukbukken, King of the Blisterforge dwarves. Kroenen fashioned a very special phallic item for Il-Kash’s missing member, yet the gods ignored Il-Kash’s prayers to release him from his curse.

Enroute back to the south of Selduria, where the Scourge of the Weak was docked, Berendir and Il-Kash had a heart to heart, and the metal member of the Seven found inner strength enough to both shake the curse and embrace his Malec-Keth Janissary paragon path. From here on out, his mantra is, “My oath and sword shall remain unbroken for as long as I draw breath.”

When the crew arrived on the Scourge of the Weak, Boreali discovered Olra hanging out in his quarters. She explained to him that she would like to be allies (now that we had potential to win the war against Tiamat). She explained that she would give the crew all back the powers she had taken, free of charge. Well, sort of…

She explained that she would require protection from the dragon that Tiamat sent after her for taking something valuable of his. She would give us this object if we could protect her against the beast that was presently arriving to destroy everyone.

To be continued…

"Close Your Eyes" (The Tor and Il-Kash Show)
Session 55

The fight with Dessel didn’t start very well for our heroes. We entered a room full of Dessel constructs. No one was really sure who the real Dessel was, that is until he immobilized three of us. Ori was taken captive and Kroenen was knocked unconscious.

The highlights early in the fight were when Hadarai summoned a magma beast and Berendir quickly dispatched everyone in the path of the magma beast, when Dessel told Tor that he sees Tor’s blade in his nightmares (from when he killed him last time), to which Tor replied “Close your eyes” and proceeded to hack away at him.

Boreali and il-Kash were immobilized but managed to do some early damage. Eventually everyone made it into the main chamber where the king of the Bukbukken dwarves and Ori were being held prisoner.

Boreali flew in and popped the remaining constructs. Hadarai made the real Dessel stab a draconic looking mummy that seemed to be the frankenstein recipient of the energy being stolen from the king and Ori.

Il-Kash got the killing blow as Dessel attempted an energy blast against Tor and Berendir. Now, wherever Dessel is, he will fear the blades of both Tor and Il-Kash.

The king and Ori were freed. The group will take the draconic figure back to Marhad to see what Omarion thinks of the dead beast. The trip home will conclude the grand mission Alexander had sent the group on- to unify Karkoth. The dwarf king had promised to bring his clan and the Stoneblood clan to the table to begin diplomatic efforts with Alexander.

Berendir will stay with is people and Sovelis will join the group once again. When the group arrives back in Marhad, THIS is what Kara and Ashryn have been up to.

"Leash the Kraken"
Session 54

Kroenen estimated that it would take another battle to clear the Blisterforge caverns from the evil undead before the whole crew could proceed farther into the mountain toward the beseiging Dessel. kf9gw.jpg

Berendir and Hadarai needed a rest from the last battle, so they held the front line with Ori and Kroenen. Il-Kash, Tor, and Boreali set off to clear the last of the rooms. They had given Ori one of the palantirs so that they could call for help if they needed it… good thing!

The last room contained some floating skulls, a flaming skull, and a three-headed skull lord. The group struggled with staying alive. Boreali used most of his remaining defensive daily powers and heals early on. Il-Kash struggled with the curse that has plagued him for a number of battles. And Tor came close to death numerous times. Eventually the group had to call for Ori’s help, and Boreali was knocked unconscious, however good did prevail.

Next week, stay tuned for more scandalous adventures with the politically incorrect troupe, nicknamed “The Seven” (and one thing you can learn about the Scaliburn’s prophecy is that elves can’t count).

Bukbukken NOT Bukakke
Session 53

Only 2326 XP to go until Paragon…

After shaking off the magic of the white dragon, the group took rest. Ori and Il-Kash tried shaking off of the curse from many fights ago. Ori prayed to Corellon and he lifted her curse. Il-Kash on the other hand… it does seem his gods have abandoned him.

The group sensed necromantic activity as they went farther into the Blisterforge caverns. They bumped into Kronen, the Self-Forged, and his front line. They were attempting to hold off the undeath pouring from the inner part of the mountain. He explained that the dwarf king was further in battling a grand Necromonger. Boreali and crew knew it to be Dessel. Kroenen explained that this necromancer is working with Tiamat.

As Kroenen, his brigade, Tor, and Ori held the front line, the rest of the Seven attempted to clear the surrounding undead. Once this was done, everyone could delve deeper toward the king.

After a nasty battle with some wights and wraiths, the group appeared victorious. Boreali did his best to heal and fight as a melee combatant. Il-Kash seemed to push his curse from his mind and lead the team in an offensive damage. Hadarai once again saved the group by grounding many of their numbers. Berendir, though appearing distracted by the loss of his brethren, was able to help Il-Kash with the major part of the offense.

The Seven will continue to clear the ancient dwarf halls under the mountain. They must remember to destroy the dwarf shrines that Dessel appears to be using as focal points to summon his evil dead.

Winter Is Coming
Session 52

The crew wandered into a barracks under the mountain, led by Chief Steelaxe. It was quickly discovered that he and his men had been in these series of rooms for weeks, under a spell.

Boreali telepathically heard a draconic chant. He addressed this voice by saying, “We are the keepers of the Ring of Dragons and the wielders of ‘Thorn,’ the Melegaunt Darkblade. Cease your sorcery or we shall be forced to retaliate.”

The spell was stopped, and a great white dragon revealed himself for a moment before sending a host of minions, two warriors, and a magic user to dispatch the dwarves and the Trinian heroes.

There were ice traps, and ice bolts, and frost weapons galore. The good guys had difficulty attacking the creatures, and so a very long battle- at the end of a very long day- ended with the group being one step closer to the heart of Blisterforge (and a long, extended rest).

The white dragon source has not yet been found, as well as whatever Elemental Chaos, Feywild, and/or Shadowfell bad guys might be lurking deeper in the mountain. The crew will return to battle next week, assuming the Khaleesi allows for it. Remember- “The Winter Is Coming!”


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