Trine: Heritage

Why We Love Our Sith Lord
Session 41

The title for yesterday’s adventures came from Hadarai:
“Hadarai says quietly to the others- ‘Darthmer’? He’s a Sith Lord? That explains the soul stealing, and the giant sword…”

The group arrived in Selduria to discover that the Githzerai Ghostdrakes had formed a sort of forced alliance with Skalgard. And Skalgard, being in league with the Drow and Warforged, were quick to send each of those factions to litter the southern beach of the Ghostdrakes on patrol. They provided the warm bodies. Our heroes yielded them cold and lifeless.

Brann’ot, one of the Githzerai guard was willing to strike back against his patrol, and when the fighting was done, he showed the group into the city. Tor was reunited with his father, Furthmer. Furthmer was impressed and proud of his son, he emplored Tor to keep the Ghostdrake Mantle. As well, he gave Tor his sword (which rolls a critical on a 19 or a 20).

Hadarai did his Vulcan Mind Meld thing with one of the Githzerai (Chandara), and learned a new ritual. This ritual allows Hadarai to ask up to three questions about possible courses of action. The proper course of action is highlighted by a magic hand.

This new ritual was used to help the group decide what to do next. They opted to rally the Iron Wolf tribe themselves, while Furthmer rallies the other tribes against Skallgard. Eventually, the heroes path will lead them to the east, where the Blisterforge dwarfs can supposedly offer support to the crown.

A palantir was left with Furthmer to help coordinate the assault on Skalgard.

If You Can't Stand The Heat
Session 40

…Stay away from the Red Dragon.

The crew went to explore the rumors of giant dragons appearing out of nowhere in Surthgard. Turns out, a young red dragon had discovered Boreali’s Ring of Dragons and was amassing a legion of kobold followers. This just would not do…

The battle began as most battles should… With a warforged collecting the bones of the sacrificed humanoids. This did not sit well with the kobolds, so they attacked the group.

Kara and Ashryn are sitting a few battles out, so Boreali was the only healer in the group for this fight. The fireball wielding magic users, the swarm of little kobolds, and [gulp] the red dragon didn’t make the group feel warm and fuzzy about this fight.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the group ended up very spread out. It made it difficult for Boreali to heal people, but it kept the dragon from doing his maximum damage.

There were several close calls. Hadarai, Sovelis, and il-Kash almost perished, but as usual those three took out their share of bad guys. Tor was key at taking out the melee guys but the swarms really made things difficult for he and Sovelis. il-Kash was huge at absorbing a good amount of damage for the group and teleporting around the battlefield wherever we needed him.

In the end the group made the red dragon submit, and give up his gold and dragon ring. Having completed everything they need to do in southern Karkoth, the group now prepares a pro Alexander campaign in Selduria. First stop- Tor’s homeland. The question will be, how to get Tor on the shoreline without freaking out the natives in the Scourge of the Weak?

Role-Playing Session
Session 39

After a late session the week before, the players decided to do strict RP this session. And we have lots to show for it. Take a look:

1. Steve (Ambrose) and Jared’s hour long presession discussion about the etymology of a dragon name. Ashryn will go pick up a precious box from Venic in the near future that we think, perhaps wrongfully so, will contain a baby dragon (for us to raise on board the Scourge of the Weak). HERE is that discussion for your amusement.

2. We role-played the rescue of Omarion (where Ashryn briefly got turned into a frog), and the freeing of Kara. Kara, while possessed by Surtur, had encountered a blue dragon (Kara’s uncle) who used his lightning powers to batter Surtur. Kara embraced this magic and with Omarion’s help blasted the last bits of Surtur from her being, and awoke.

3. Afterward we were invited to a dinner with Alexander and his closest companions. He asked us to help him rally the undecided peoples of Karkoth to his side. We agreed. He had the Scourge of the Weak brought to Marhad for us, and we decided that we would:

  • Go to Surthgard to check out the Dragon Ring
  • Second, travel north to Selduria to try and have Tor (now an emissary for Alexander) rally both he Ghostdrakes and the Iron Wolf tribes.
  • Thirdly, to travel to Skalgard and overthrown Sovelis’ father.
  • Seek out the elves of Tarsembor and the dwarves of Blisterforge and rally them

4. Omarion and Hadarai had a moment. You can read about that HERE. We decided that killing Olra would be good for Il-Kash (and Boreali really wants to get revenge).

5. Hadarai and Omarion almost discovered that they were related, but his parentage is still a mystery. Before the group set out for Surthgard, Hadarai wrote a letter to the mistress of the White Lotus Academy, Vadriar. You can read that letter HERE.

Never Trust a DM
Session 38

When your Dungeon Master has been telling you to “never split up your party” for six months, and suddenly he changes his tune before entering a battle, you should wonder what is up. When he plays off the lever on the floor next to a boss level enemy as creative interior design, you should wonder what is up. When fire engulfs the areas where literally EVERY character is standing from activation of said lever, you have just discovered what is up! This is how the evening started… Merely another day in Trine for the yet unnamed champions of the mortal realm.

The crew set out to finish off the quest to free Omarion (and hopefully directly help Kara recover from her coma AND get some baby-daddy closure for Hadarai). To do so, they needed to beat two draconians, a bugbear called Captain Gnash (the “G” is NOT silent- according to him), and a invoker wench.

Because there were three doors into the main chamber, the group decided to block one entrance, and split up into the other two. Sovelis, Boreali, Ashryn, and Hadarai went into the main chamber, and Tor, Il-Kash went into the other.

The heroes got their first bit of extra-planar recognition from the draconians (as the group that killed Surtur). With that, the slaughter ensued, as it often does. Ashryn and Sovelis split off to each side of the chamber, with Hadarai and Boreali acting as backup. When the fire erupted, and enemy reinforcements arrived, things were looking grim for the main chamber party. A heal, some Bahamut love, a magma beast, and a twin strike later, the odds were tipping the other way.

To add insult to injury (to the DM), Tor and il-Kash found their way into the main chamber through a secret passage, in a full frontal assault to the main bads. Most enemies were dispatched quickly after that. The invoker surrendered.

There is a high chance the next encounter will be much harder, though for a time, this fight got “real.” The next session will be an role playing session concerning the liberation of Omarion and Kara (and the doling out of XP and booty).

Getting the Band Back Together
Session 37

This session is a continuation from Session 35. With Surtur’s physical form defeated, the crew embarks on a mission to find Omarion in Dolthkarin where he disappeared. Apparently he had discovered a plot of King Grom conspiring with the dragonoids that are causing the planar issues in the area.

The crew sets off with King Dhurn and makes camp near an old temple. Dhurn and his men stay at the camp while the usual suspects head into the depths of the temple. There they discover some Minotaurs and some pretty thick skinned humans. After dispatching the evil doers, they discovered Omarion frozen. A captured minion tells the crew where to go to face the people who can free Omarion.

The next session will open as the protagonists confront these people, hoping to find a way to free Omarion… and hoping that a freed Omarion will be able to assist Kara to return from her coma.

If Hulk Hogan and Tinkerbell Had a Baby
Session 36 (in-person-session)

… Their baby would be this session.

A few notes here:
1. Marco was the DM for this session.
2. Thrak played Armstrong and Shrike
3. Jared played Celestriun and Oriander
4. Steve played Ashryn and Kara
5. For our characters, this session will occur after the 1/4/15 session when Kara wakes up from her Surtur coma.
6. Forgive the first person narrative in this post (less 1st person, more Brechtian).

Scene begins after Kara has woken up in a ‘splosion of lightning energy. Apparently that prompts Hadarai, Boreali, and Axel to drink (Boreali and Kara will have their big reunion in the next session). Sovelis and King Dhurn of Gormad go off to talk about Sovelis’ future. Tor was doing what Tor does (whatever that means). This leaves Kara and Ashryn loitering in the Court of Thrones with Alexander and his old friends Shrike and Armstrong.

After Ashryn and Shrike meet and work out their differences (Shrike is a GOOD undead Revenant- a new concept for Ashryn)., in walks Celestriun and Oriander. Ashryn thinks Ori looks familiar, but isn’t sure why.

On the king’s wishes this whole group (Kara, Ashryn, Armstrong, Shrike, Celestriun, and Oriander) decide to go to Kharsk to investigate more necrotic energy in that region. They end up in a battle with some huge skeletons (wielding femurs), two floating skulls, and a nasty two-stage boss undead thing that turned into a Green Dragon when we severely wounded it.

The area attacks partially minimized Ori’s perma-stealth charges, but in the end she didn’t get hit with a single melee attack because of her ability to stay hidden and flutter around. Despite some really bad rolls, Celestriun doled out his heals and did some pretty groovy melee and holy symbol damage.

Shrike gets crazy extra damage, just because. She lit up the undead with radiant damage. Armstrong gave the dragon the People’s Nose Grab and wrastled him to the ground (dude is strong).

Kara struggled with bad rolls too, but toward the end stayed out of the fray and bombed from long distance. The battle is never dull with Kara and Ori antagonizing the enemy. Ashryn did some SERIOUS damage on these undead bad boys. She also saved our asses with heals.

Great job DMing Marco, and awesome to finally play with you Thrak. Back to the campaign on Sunday when everyone returns from their holiday travels. Happy New Year.

Happy Birthday- You're Dead!
Session 35

This was the hardest fight the crew has had to date (granted- there were some mistakes made). This eve, the protectors of the realm failed to do a most important thing- Save Steve!

Yes, it is true, that the once famous NPC, known as Steve, was blasted into dust by several lightning bolts. The group mourned for a brief second, then realized that they might be next.

Surtur was there, and had turned several of King Alexander’s guards into draconian warriors. He had possessed Kara’s body weeks before, and the crew had chased Surtur’s planar movements to that spot, at that moment. After warning Alexander to hide, the crew evacuated the other seven kings of Karkoth.

King Dhurn of Gormad and Axel the dwarf stayed to help us fight, while King Vasil of Surthgard and King Brusev of the Groaning Tower helped Hadarai with his ritual to close Surtur’s portal behind him.

The crew chose to focus the fire on Kara’s possessed body (Hadarai had put Surtur to sleep). But after they had freed her unconscious body, Sovelis and Boreali took the brunt of the assault. Several people were near death when Boreali and Ashryn healed them. When Boreali finally got knocked unconscious Hadarai had to teleport to him and force feed him a healing potion.

That was the turning point in the fight. Once Boreali was up, he healed everyone in the group. Boreali should have said something like, “I come back to you now at the turn of the tide,” but he couldn’t think of anything that creative or Gandalphesque in the moment.

From there Tor’s mind was invaded, but Tor and Kara fought for their minds and bodies and expelled a seriously injured Surtur. With that, Surtur vanished.

King Dhurn of Gormad was thankful for the help and rewarded the group well, but they could only think about healing the destroyed body of Kara. They will set off toward the last known location of Omarion, who might be the only one on the continent that can help Kara.

*Note- High King Alexander agreed to finance a crew for the Scourge of the Weak if we ran some adventures for him.

Horse Butt and the Art of Chasing Your Tail
Session 34

The title actually sums up this session pretty well.

Because of the unstable political climate between Kharsk and Marhad, Sir Haldor chose to take up through the wilderness on the way to meet Alexander. En route, we were attacked by some Gnolls.

The gnoll warriors were sent and outfitted by the Kharsk leaders, it appeared, but the crew dispatched them handily. The stand-out moments were when a Marhad soldier, whom we named Steve, lived through our battle (actually taking out a giant hyena in the process), and when Hadarai made one of the hyena’s chase and bite it’s own tail off.

We learned from Haldor that Boreali’s Dragonring might be in Surthgard, that Alexander has his advisors monitor planar activity, and that Omarion is a trusted member of the Court of Thrones (but is missing currently).

Oh, and Ashryn’s horse, lovingly named Wrecking Ball, has a big booty.

Phylactery or Horcrux?
Session 33

Today Ashryn is in the spotlight. Not only could this fight have gone VERY badly had it not been for a few key shots on Ashryn’s part, but the party found out something very important about the group’s paladin during this session.

The group traveled from Sarthel to the White Lotus Academy. They turned over Algol to the authorities there and received a ritual that Hadarai could use later (to close Surtur’s portal). Then the group took a ferry to Karkoth. There the fun began…

Ashryn, Hadarai, and Boreali went ashore first and encountered that Dessel was waiting for Boreali there. While il-Kash, Sovelis, and Tor were slow to get off the boat, the group was separated by some portals. And those portals were spewing forth undead zombies. Some vampires joined the fray.

Hadarai was able to group all of these undead creatures together, and Ashryn was able to do a large amount of damage to all of them. Ashryn and Boreali chipped away at the big bads during the fight while Hadarai closed the portals.

In the end, none of the good guys had a close call, but the tide of the fight definitely could have shifted had it not been for the good team work (and good rolls).

Sir Haldor Elros approached with some soldiers and the group learned that he was Ashryn’s father. Then the group marched off toward Marhad, the capital, for an audience with King Alexander.

He Does It For The Sulz
Session 32

Venic allows Meichar to live and asks her to teach him the special magic that can strip a Greater Dragonborn’s powers. The crew lets Zahira go unscathed. They try to explain the reasons for not letting her leave with Meichar. How that will play out with Dax, only time will tell.

Venic recommends a mooring for the Scourge of the Weak. Upon checking it out at the docks, the crew is attacked by three very impressive Iron Circle Tieflings (who were there to collect Tor).. The battle is made more difficult because the group had already had two battles that day and had expended many powers already. But the good guys prevailed, and Tor even managed to talk the surviving captain into removing the bounty on his head.

Okay… NOW the group is really going to go back to the White Lotus Academy to return Algol… no really, they are! Promise.


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