Trine: Heritage

I Hope You Have a Big Dock...
Session 31

The group needed supplies (really we were just missing half of the players), so they stopped at Sarthel, en route to the White Lotus Academy.

Ashryn, Tor, and Boreali entered the city gates as Ashryn was evangelizing the good name of Bahamut. They learn from Tor that he has a price on his head in Sarthel. Other than that, things were going peachy, until they weren’t…

Upon seeking out Venic, the crew is accosted by the dragon Scrpslous and some other guards.The guards are taken out readily, but the huge dragon isn’t impressed. After blowing most of their good powers, Venic rescues them.

Venic convinces the group to go after Meichdar, who was the person who offered the bounty on Tor’s head. She was a tiefling conjurer that has devised a way to supposedly kill Venic (who has been throwing a wrench in the Iron Circle’s plans in Sarthel for some time). The crew dispatches her and her minions.

Upon leaving with her for questioning, a Drow named Zahira will not let us leave with her. The Drow wants to take her back to Dax for reasons the good guys know not. This didn’t sit well with Boreali. He took up his bow and shot and arrow at the prisoner, but the shot was blocked. A standoff ensues and eventually Zahira is knocked out and taken back to Venic.

The fallout to this day may be immense…

And the prisoner knew a spell to gimp dragonborn. And Ashryn blocked Boreali’s shot. ;)

"Epic Pirate Battle: Part 2"
Session 30

As a great man once said, “We came. We saw. We kicked its ass!” That is what our heroes did to the crew of the Scourge of the Weak (mostly).

As Sovelis, Il-Kash, and Boreali pulled the booby trapped Ashryn’s Bounty alongside the Scourge of the Weak, Hadarai convinced Sontro-Vhi Primor, the Captain of the Scourge, to allow the Damned Servant to pull along the other side. Tor and Ashryn were manning the cannons (that were doubled up) along the adjoining side.

Then the action started, many of the bad guys boarded the Ashryn’s Bounty. Those that didn’t were implored to do so with Hadarai’s magic. When the good guys from the Ashryn’s Bounty boarded the Scourge they blew up the Bounty. Then, the canons fired from Servant and the three remaining good guys boarded the Scourge from that ship.

Most of the ballistas were not working due to the initial damage, what was left were 3 minions, the captain, 2 shaman orcs, and a few other miscellaneous individuals that the group cut through readily.

Though Hadarai did get knocked unconscious once, and most of the group used most of their powers, the fight was wrapped up fairly quickly. Only one minion was left alive, and he jumped overboard in the end.

The group had to leave the sinking Ashryn’s Bounty and the Damned Servant afloat, but they now have the fastest ship in the high seas for their personal errands. And as they sailed back toward the White Lotus Academy, Olra (through Il-Kash) told the group that Kara would appear in Karkoth in 2 weeks…

Other than that reveal, two other major events happened after the fight. Tor reclaimed his beloved Ghost Drake Mantle, and Sovelis read the prophetic inscription on the dragon skull figurehead from the Scourge.

"Epic Pirate Battle: Part 1"
Session 29

The crew set sail in a northern route toward the Thunderspire Mountains in order to drop the “slaves” and prisoners off at the White Lotus Academy. They were waylaid by Captain Sully and the pirate ship the “Damned Servant.”

Their captain and Be’in Dar demanded Sovelis or else they would open fire with their canons. Initially agreeing (for show), Sovelis crossed a ladder and attended to put a hurting on Be’in Dar and the other pirates. Suddenly Boreali, Ashryn, and Tor were also on the other ship. They focused their fire on the two “big bad” and dispatched them with no trouble.

Hadarai magically convinced everyone to either fall to the ground or jump in the water… and like the piranha he is, Tor ended up in the water “for the sulz.”

Though the Damned Servant fired upon Ashryn’s Bounty, Boreali was able to convince the crew of the Damned Servant to cease fire. After that the good guys prevailed and took the crew for their own.

They learned the the “Scourge of the Weak” was in the area. That is their next target… To find Tor’s Ghostdrake Mantle and to acquire the fastest ship in the Skalgard navy.

Going Fishin'
Session 28

The group appeared in a cave off of Nera Bay from the Shadowfell. They promptly pulled out their magic candle and took an extended rest. Then Hadarai convinced a few of the enemies to walk off a cliff into a river/stream. Tor jumped in after them (for the souls), and it was all over for them.

Sovelis floated around the battlefield hacking bits and pieces off of the others. Everyone else did their things as the group rescued the slaves and took more prisoners.

Upon going outside they encountered some cannibal sea creatures. After releasing the Cracken on them, the group acquired a sailing vessel, where they loaded everyone aboard and sailed toward the White Lotus Academy (they are tired of trekking Algol around with them).

Beauty in the Shadowfell
Session 27

When the heroes arrive in the Shadowfell they encounter a handful of Drow warriors and some Warforged (that look a lot like Il-Kash). The group also sees an undead warrior named Beauty that had escaped the group’s grasp weeks before.

Because Beauty worked for Dessel, indirectly, the indication is that whatever is happening in the Shadowfell between the Warforged and the Drow somehow might be related to both Dessel (who is becoming a Lich) AND/OR Il-Kash’s maker.

After the fight the group met a partner of Dax and learned that he has a “team” of Drow warriors in the Shadowfell. Lastly, the remaining bad Drow agreed to make a portal to send us back to Trine if we spared his life.

The group rappeared in the middle of what looked to be a Bloodreaver den, somewhere in Trine.

Shady Business
Session 26

Olra, the Shadar-Kai, is the gatekeeper for the portal to the Shadowfell. She works for Tiamat, kind of, but her job is to make sure that Trine is free and clear of Drow and Light Speakers.

Other than that main purpose she enjoys making Rumpelstiltskin-like agreements with passersby. The group thought about attacking her, but opted to make a deal with her. The heroes each gave her a prize for knowledge of their “greatest desire.”

After that, she allowed us to go through the portal, and trapped us on the other side. She kept a Shadow Il-Kash behind to keep tabs on the group.

Trapped in a Closet
Session 25

The crew slept in a supply closet off of the kitchen while the dark dwarves searched the Horned Hold for them. Most everyone felt cramped and awkward about the sleeping arrangements, but il-Kash seemed to enjoy spooning the captured orc throughout the night.

When they came out they went to do battle with the 2nd of the lieutenants and his 10-12 underlings. No problem for this crew (good rolls help a lot). At the end of the battle Boreali remembered a dream from the night before that involved Kara’s spirit essentially asking for help from the Elemental Chaos. Boreali convinced the group to leave the Horned Hold, to seek out Tacitus and inform him about all they had learned from the dark dwarves about Algol’s treachery.

Tacitus promised to aid the group in getting Kara back if they were to seek out the “Sea of Shadows.” When the group embarked on that quest, they encountered a Shadar-Kai living below a watchtower. Good or bad, the crew will find out soon!

Going Deep (Dwarf Halls Deep)
Session 24

The crew went deeper into the Horned Hold, fought some dark dwarves, some orcs, and a really big monster that they didn’t learn much about because Sovelis killed it so fast. Il-kash and Boreali couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, but the group got a cool candle and everyone leveled up to 6. Now they must destroy 2 more lieutenants, possibly another powerful boss, free some slaves, and discover a mythical portal to the Shadowfell.

Horned Hold Entry
Session 23

The party made their way into the Horned Hold and defeated the Orc guards and Duergar’s in the forge and armory sections. They prevented any from escaping and warning the rest of the Hold, and captured the lead Duergar smith Urwol of clan Glimmerzil

Pop Goes the Minion (Cause the Minion Go Pop)
Session 22

Still Day 17, into Day 18

The group decides to enter the academic through the portal.
They are attacked by two golems, 2 ballista, and 4 minions.
They meet the head mistress of the academy who is good (seemingly).
The group tells Tacitus, he goes to round up allies.
The group goes into the caves and rests.


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