Trine: Heritage

Arcana Sutra
Session 68

Still in the tower. The group will be thinking this same thought for several weeks. The tower is a large, magical, Escheresque Twilight Zone.

Group 1: Boreali, Hadarai, Tor, and Kara ended up in a faux study room that looked like the White Lotus Academy.

Group 2: Sovelis, Napkin, and Guar ended up in a different part of the tower.

Both groups ended up coming together after Group 1 got pegged with a great fireball, and Group 2 ran away from another zombie beholder.

The groups ascended a stairwell into what looked to be a detention center for White Lotus Academy prisoners. The guards addressed Hadarai as “Master,” and things generally got more crazy from there.

Lady Vadriar and Tacitus were prisoners, and addressed Hadarai with hatred and distrust. It became clear that the group had wandered into a an alternative reality, where the Treaty of Trine never occurred. In that reality, Hadarai greatly feared the invasion of extra planar forces, and placed the Academy on a warmongering path, at the cost of his peace loving friends in the Order.

The group went up another set of stairs and defeated a sentinel of this “other” Hadarai. They even briefly spoke to the imposter on a palantir type device. When the battle was done, the group had grim anticipation for what other alternative realities lay in store for them inside of the tower.

  • * *

The title for this week’s session came when Hadarai and Sovelis were reliving their time as bunkmates at the Academy (during the two year period where Boreali and Tor were sleeping). Much was said, and much was not said. The book Hadarai encountered in the study room reminded him of these things. The title: The Arcana Sutra!

Flapping In The Breeze
Session 67

This session jumps back to present day with the Seven united again. The group begins their ascent of the spire to the City of Doors. Only Boreali, Tor, Hadarai, and Kara make it to the first landing…

When the group enters a mysterious room, they see Ashryn standing before them. It is when Ashryn turns into a succubus and summons some shadow demons that things get really weird. The weird climax, however, came when Hadarai was seduced by the succubus and ends up hanging out with his “lute” out.

Boreali was mostly worthless in this fight due to his lack of magic weapon. This night it was Kara and Tor’s turn to shine… and that is meant literally. They did fire and radiant damage to the infernal beasts and destroyed them utterly.

The group was very seriously damaged after this fight and required a long rest. Hadarai created a snug little magic hut where the group rested. When they emerged refreshed from the hut, they were being eyeballed (har har) by an undead beholder.

The group ended up exiting the room by walking up one wall and into a faux White Lotus Academy style room. There was a note left from Headmistress Vadriar instructing whomever found the note to “not rescue them.”

The group begins debating their options, while they also contemplate the fate of their allies: Napkin, Sovelis, and Guar (the were tiger).


Lost, But Now Found
Session 66

In this session, Tor and Napkin went off to find Hadarai. The group’s increasingly hysterical Eladrin had run off and disguised himself as Potatoric, the grizzled Orc captain. He had led the Orc defenses away from a stronghold so that the others could “storm the castle.”

When his illusion spell wore off, Hadarai convinced the Orcs that he was indeed Potatoric, disguised as Hadarai, and that he sensed some strangers coming (who were his friends Tor and Napkin). The Orcs were convinced that Potatoric’s powers were far greater than originally conceived. He must be a grand sorcerer/warrior! And with that, the group left the Orcs to further the legend of Potatoric.

- – -

Sovelis and Boreali went off toward Sigil. There they were going to see about the fall of Triunis, but on the way, they discovered an old friend in an outlying camp, run by someone called Big Daddy. The old friend was none other than Kara!

While a conflicted, love-sick Boreali watched Kara interact with Big Daddy, he saw her get bit on the foot by a wererat, and from there Big Daddy’s tribe would not let Kara leave.

Having the element of surprise, Boreali connected with 3 near fatal arrow attacks on the now changed Pig Daddy (he was really a were boar). Sovelis approached from the south and began a nasty display of carnage that would have made Tor proud. Kara burninated several tribal warrior, and Boreali flew after those that retreated and struck them down. The scene was something out of bloody nightmare.

Boreali didn’t know what to say to Kara at first, but the two had a chance to talk. Boreali expressed that he couldn’t believe she had left the group. Kara explained that she thought he was dead and came as soon as she knew that he was alive. The two expressed relief at being reunited, but left the future open to a slow rekindling of romance.

A were tiger named Guar stepped out of the shadows and explained that these lycanthropes were the result of evil witchcraft. The Seven suspect it was the work of Olra.

After burying the dead, the group set out for Sigil and arrived at a once entrance point to the great city. Now abandoned, the group tried to figure out how to enter the elevated city. A half red dragon guard named Steveath spoke of the Lady of Pain, and how he was frustrated at the state of his beloved city under her rule. He showed the heroes a way into Sigil through a long narrow staircase.

Up they went, until they encountered a succubus…

- – -

The group will be taking a summer hiatus until late September. The hope is that most everyone can come to Jared’s house on the 19th for a grand 1 year celebration of D&D!

Marvel's Agents of Trine
Session 65



Reunion Tor
Session 64

Four factions descended upon the town of Rigus in the Outlands. The timing of this great convergence was no coincidence. Factors outside the knowledge of these individuals were moving the chest pieces to make it so that these people came together at that exact time and place.

There was Boreali, Tor, Bard, Karu, Erelywn, and Nijena, fresh off their battle on the caravan. Having proven themselves to Nijena, that group planned to regroup and stock up on provisions before attacking the great Orc army that had been enslaving Karu and his friends. Boreali and Tor were still trying to put together the last two years after waking up in a tomb. Karu and Erelywn were “relaxing” in a back room.

Then there was Hadarai and Sovelis who had traveled to the Outlands with the help of Tacitus. They were able to make an untraceable portal and were directed by an older gentleman with canaries to the city of Rigus. Before that, the two had been studying magic at the Order of the White Lotus, fresh off of Sovelis’ failed assassination attempt. The two were traveling in secret.

Bard the Bard saw Hadarai and Sovelis and took them to the Inn where Boreali and Tor were relaxing. Boreali embraced his lost comrads despite their illusory countenances (and there was much rejoicing). Hadarai and Sovelis explained that there had been a treaty between Bahamut, Tiamat, The Lord of Blades, and King Alexander that provided the multiverse with a peace. The peace apparently had a stipulation that called for the “disbanding” of The Seven.

Zephyr Drift (Napkin), a sorcerer/warlock, sitting at the hearth overheard this talk and knew instantly who the group was. He introduced himself through a strange mix of skin pigmentation, fire urinating, and crazy acrobatic antics. The Seven looked upon this with a mix of wonder and comic relief.

It is when the fourth faction entered the room that this hodge podge group of adventures began forming bonds forged in battle. None other than Tal’dra entered the room. Boreali and Tor had last track of her since the tomb and there she was, staring at Sovelis. She spoken in Olra’s words and it was then clear that Tal’dra was no longer any part Drow, but only revenant was remained. A revenant created to destroy Sovelis and his allies.

The group quickly dispatched Tal’dra, but not before taking serious damage. Sovelis fell in battle but was able to be revived. They burned Tal’dra’s body, rested, and passed out the magic items Nijena had passed out. Tor became cursed after atuning to an unknown Sword of Vengeance.

Bard the Bard decided to go into retirement. Il-Kash, it is said, was taken away when the rest of the Seven were put to sleep in Sigil. Kara and Ashryn are back on Trine, presumably taking care of personal matters. Oriander is somewhere in the Outlands. This leaves Boreali, Tor, Sovelis, Hadarai, Karu, and Napkin to assuault the main entrance to the Orc stronghold. An orc stronghold that is manned by orcs and warforged? The treaty, in seemed to the adventures, may be in peril if the orcs are working with the warforged.

It seems that the Vridian, who told Bard where to find Boreali and Tor, and the old man with canaries (who may have been Bahamut incarnate) who pointed Hadarai and Sovelis to Rigus may know that the treaty has been breeched, and now need The Seven to band together again. Time will tell…

What Happened To Ori
Cubie Sessions

After disappearing in Vailin, Ori finds herself in the Feywild, surrounded by the intense magical forest she had left. A nearby tree waves to her.

“Hello tree. What are you doing in this wall? What kind of treachery is a-root?”

The tree takes several minutes to start laughing at your joke

“So I am home. The council will not be thrilled. Where exactly am I?

A leaf behind you bows as a male pixie in armor lands on it. “Hail wanderer! Be ye in need of assistance?”

Ori bows back… “It seems that way. I have just come from the elven kingdom of vailin. Can you tell me where I am now?”

“You enter the realm of the fey queen Titania. Pray thee an audience with her grace? Discourse with travelers always … appeases her.” He grimaces slightly at this.

As always, somewhat oblivious and somewhat apathetic, she says, “as interesting as that sounds I’ve found that nobility makes one no more likely to help a wandering traveler.”

He strands up straighter “I will not stand for insults to queen Titania. She is glorious and prefect and beautiful … Um I mean that is to say … Can i perhaps escort you?”

At his tone Ori’s wings give a flutter and she turns to face him as her hand brushes not to casually over the hilt of her rapier. She smirks and a crazy look enters her eye. “Noble types don’t tend to like Oriander. Unless you can help me I would suggest that you move on.”

He harrumphs. “Very well then, but do be ware. Her Highness does not always allow us to police her lands, she enjoys ruling over a realm of malevolence.”

Seeming to have forgotten her statement just seconds ago she says, “Hey lover boy, how does one get to Senaliesse from here? Or better yet, back to trine…”

“Back to Trine?” He hops off the leaf and flies next to her. “You’ve been there?? And you seek the way to Senaliesse..” He suddenly drops to one knee before Ori. “Please, you must allow me to accompany you! My lady Titania would be most displeased if I let you go on your own.”

“Listen, whatever your name is, I don’t care what your lady would like or not. If you can help me get to trine or Senaliesse then you can come with me. But frankly based on what I’ve seen so far it is unclear whether you can help me and I would rather have this tree here as my traveling companion.” Ori winks at the tree at that comment.

The tree blushes, causing all of it’s leaves to shiver in delight.

“I will gladly escort you to Senaliesse! We can acquire some mounts at a nearby keep of my Lady’s. Follow me!” And he takes off.

Ori looks at the tree. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” And she flies off with him.

You fly for about an hour that lasts at least 5 minutes. Several birds try to eat you. A flower gets up as you pass over and starts to sing. Eventually you arrive.

“Ah home…” Ori thinks to herself. And though these are all familiar sights to Ori, some of her latent discontent begins to creep back into her being, just as it had in the prisons of Senaliesse. It is as if a separation from the world of Trine creates a fracture in her soul.

The keep is situated in the middle of a moat of blood. It’s made of some strange crystal like material. As you travelled he named himself Ser Aliourio and pointed out many features of the land, ignorant or perhaps indifferent to you ignoring him. The guards are a mix of fey creatures. Elves, eladrin pixies etc. They recognize Aliourio and let you both enter.

“What’s with the moat of blood? Your lady… not one for company?”

“Queen Titania enjoys company quite a bit. But she has many enemies.” He leads you into a the throne room, resplendent with hunting trophies and treasure. Queen Titania sits atop a throne of pure crystal. 9c8ab880-f20e-40c1-ba10-f717b615cea1.jpg

Ori doesn’t bow to the queen. She waits until she is addressed. Instead she begins to test the acoustics of the room. “Echo…echo!!!”

Ser Al gives Ori a reproachful glance then bows before the Queen. She is watching Ori with bemusement and curiosity. “What have you there dear Aliousa?”

“My Queen, it is my honour to present you with this interloper in your lands. She is none other than Oriander!”

“My my, Oriander! What a prize to have fallen into our lap! Where did you come from little pixie?” Titania is clearly an Eladrin, though she exudes power and Ori would recognize her as a Noble Eladrin (one step below the archfey).

Ori lets her last “Echo…” ring out, and a silence falls as she looks at the queen. Then she hovers up close to Titania before she speaks in her usual meandering way. “Your worshipfulness. It is true, I am your anteloper. I have come here, though I know not how or why, from the world of Trine. I would like to find my way back there… if you would be so kind… with your queen magic… or to the court of the Summer Queen. I like your chair.” Then she stops talking abruptly and gives Al a thumbs up.

Ser Aliousa just shakes his head. The slightest smile touches the corner of Titania’s mouth. “You are a wild thing. You wish to visit Tiandra then? Oh this is most convenient. I have a gift i was planning to send to her. Would you be a dear and deliver it for me? If you do i can have my faithful, brave Ser Aliousa take you to her immediately.” He bucks up noticeably at her compliment.

“What’s the gift?”

She plucks a crystal rose from her throne and holds it out to you. “A token of my affection.”

“Of course. It would be my honor.” Meanwhile Ori is not entirely comfortable and is already hatching alternative plans.

“What is it… I mean… What does it do?”

“Nothing but show Tiandra my deep and abiding love for her. It will let her know that i am the one to reunite you with her. Now, off with you.” At the dismissal Al quickly bows again and takes your arm to lead you away.

Ori half bows to the queen and bides her time on the trip with Al until they are near they kingdom. Ori has no intention of delivering the rose to tiandra. She waits for her moment to incapacitate Al.

You ride on a pair of three eyed ravens, but they don’t seem to respond to commands. Ser Al alternates between singing and extolling the “virtues of the Queen” until you reach the border.

Ori promptly jumps off the raven and uses her wings to hover her jump before landing so she doesn’t get injured. She immediately tosses the rose and goes stealthy.

You hear “Wait! My Lady! Please wait!”. The ravens fly overhead but can’t find you. It doesn’t take you long to make your way to Tiandra’s palace.

Ori approaches the gate.

You see the symbols of the gloaming court and winter court on the carriages. One made of shadows with a nightmare steed, the other of frost with a flying reindeer. The guards halt you. “Little late for the celebration aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry. I was delayed. Tiandra will be pleased to see me. I am Oriander of her realm. "

The guards wave you in without much reaction or enthusiasm. Guests are everywhere, pixies, elves, eladrin, even some humans and a Drow. In one corner a group are reading scrolls of some sort out loud, in another performing an intricate three dimensional dance (a friendly wizard is casting levitate on anyone who wants to partake) and in another it would appear some sort of religious ceremony is taking place. In the center Tiandra holds court with the sheer presence she exudes. Beside her the emperor of winter and Prince of hearts both appear dull, as though the very particles of light in the room are attracted to Tiandra.

Oriander makes her way through the crowds and to the front ring of tiandras proceeding. She isn’t hiding but doesn’t want to immediately disrupt what tiandra is doing.

“My dear Lady of summer, we must not dismiss these rumors idly. You have not been popular with many of your decisions, in particular opening a dialog with that upstart human king.” The prince of hearts voice is mellifluous. “Very true. I see it’s with but it leaves you open to attack.” The emperor of winter is brisk and clipped.

Ori wants to defend the queen tiandra but waits a little longer to discover more.

Tiandra let’s out a gentle laugh, and her voice is warm as summer itself, “Alexander is no upstart. He offers us a chance to perhaps reunite with vailin and our cousins on trine. And if he should fail to thwart the incursions of Tiamat and those night blasted monsters from the shadowfell, we would be next on the block.” There is steel behind that warmth too.

Ori can’t hold her tongue any longer. “Queen tiandra is correct.” Then a pause and Ori realizes she just has interrupted some important business. She tries to salvage it… “I have seen king Alexander and what we have accomplished on trine is nothing less than amazing.”

Her eyes suddenly lock onto Ori. Surprise is there for a moment but then she smiles widely and holds out her hands for you to alight.

Ori takes her hands and kneels before her. (The only person she would kneel before.) “my lady I’m sorry for coming to you so suddenly and for interrupting your lord friends.” Ori nods to the prince of hearts from the gloaming court. “I was sent her… I think… From vailin. I have been separated from those who i was sent to aid. Then there was a queen with gems and a rose she wanted me to give to you… And Ravens. But I escaped.” She stops and looks around fully aware that sometimes her words meander. She waits for a reaction before continuing.

Tiandra’s smile turns sad. The emperor turns and sprints away. The Prince lets out a gasp. He looks at you, then up at Tiandra. “You were expecting this??” She shakes her head. “Not this. Not exactly. Oh my dear sweet ori. Im so sorry. You’ve given so much already.” You find your hand is stuck to hers.

Ori is confused. “Did I do something wrong? I got rid of the rose… I didn’t trust that queen woman. I wanted to tell you.” She tries to break away sensing danger. She remembers the cells of Senaliesse. Suddenly she becomes afraid and stands up.

Tiandra shakes her head. “You couldn’t have known.” She looks closer at you. “You’ve changed since you left. What has happened to you?”

Ori is more concerned with what is going on. She isn’t going to be able to recount much more without someone stopping her and saying that she is speaking gibberish. Ori looks down at her hands that are being held. She looks back up at tiandra to gauge what will happen next.

Ori’s hand has started to fuse with Tiandra’s. You can feel the life force fading from you, and it looks as though she is beginning to fade as well. It is happening slowly though. The rest of the guests have been hustled away, only the Prince of hearts remains.

Tiandra coaxes Ori’s story out bit by bit. By the time she is done you can no longer see or feel your hands.

The Prince looks aghast. He keeps pacing back and forth. But Tiandra is calm, still warm and accepting her fate.

“Little Ori, you have had some adventures! And the seven, and you met a reflection of your lost soul in Ashryn! I see know why you seem so different. I am only sad that the gift of
Selune did not have time to blossom.” She looks up at the Prince, having sunk down to the ground. Her hands are gone now too. “Sweet Prince, Titania will come for my seat now. Don’t risk yourself here. She will be archfey with this victory, you were right I should have been more careful.”

Realizing finally what is happening tears come to Ori’s eyes. Though she does not know exactly what tiandra means about selunes gift. She knows that she is responsible for destroying the only person who has ever been kind to her. “My lady… I am sorry. I did not know.” Her sadness turns quickly to anger and she tries to struggle and fight this terrible magic. She pulls and screams and vows for vengeance.

She stops suddenly as they fade. She swallows the anger in her last moments and a distant memory of an old woodsinger lullaby comes to mind. Before she knows it she begins singing this goodbye song for she and tiandra to the world:

“quel night. auta kaim-. ten’ tul’re lle will kuile a’ i’ me’a. dae ar’ huine will never touch lle au’.”

It means, “good night. go to sleep. because tomorrow you will awake to the light. shadow and darkness will never touch you again.”

Tiandra listens to the song for some time. Your hips are attached now, torsos halfway connected. It’s getting hard to breathe. The Prince has sunk to his knees and is cradling Tiandra’s head in his lap. She looks up at him with a final breath and says “Take good care of her…”

He shakes his head trying to deny what is happening and tears begin falling down his face, each one sliding down shadows in his face as though dodging the light.

And then just as your song begins to falter, you feel a pressure all throughout your body. Like something is trying to rip every atom in you in a separate direction.

And then it does. Your body explodes outwards. It is agony as you feel yourself torn into constituent pieces. But when it ends you are standing. High. Your body is huge. Not a pixie body. And when you look down there is a husk wearing Tiandra’s crown. med.jpg

As you collapse, fading to unconsciousness, you hear the Prince whisper “your sacrifice will not be in vain my love. I will protect her.”

The Prince helps her to recover and get used to her new body, afterwards he helps her get out of the feywild. Titania wastes no time establishing herself in the summer court, and quickly becomes the most prominent archfey.

While recovering you hear about a treaty that has been struck between the courts of the fey, Alexander of Trine, the Free gods of the astral sea, the eberron pact (as they’ve taken to calling themselves) and tiamat herself. It is spoken of by many as a triumph, but one day Ori discovers that part of the treaty is that the Seven be “disbanded”. This is when the prince helps her to flee the fey wild, to Sigil, before Titania finds out about her.

Werewolf? There wolf!
Session 63

Karu got a chance to shine in this session. Not only did he square off in some single combat (kind of) against the captive orc, but he later ripped some slavers to shreds. Do read on…

Bard and Boreali blessed the moves and health of Karu before he went into battle with the orc captain, but it didn’t take Karu too long to dispatch him. After, he led the group to the slaver outpost.

On guard outside the site was a slumbing ettin. And because stealth is not our forte, we promptly woke up the beast. Bard convinced the giant creature that we were delivering Karu back to his master and they were promptly let back in the camp. Inside, when the half-ogre attempted to retrieve Karu, the group sprang into action.

Karu punced on the half orc, blooding him. Boreali shot him through the knees and brought him down. Bard rocked the dulcimer and threw the opposition off with his imperfect melody and insults. Tor did the charge and destroy thing, in good Tor fashion. Very soon the bad guys were down and the slaves were free. One slave in particular had a fondness for Karu. More about their budding relationship (and future puppies) in the weeks to come.

Once outside the group encountered an aasimar named NiJena. Though Boreali wanted to put a few arrows in her, Bard’s cool talking pacified this battle hardened gladiator. She agreed to help the group if they could prove themselves in battle. She spoke of an envoy that was approaching. She suggested that the Seven (or those who are left) ambush the envoy. That they did.

During the battle the good guys worked together well. Karu punched several faces off. Tor cut people in two. Boreali sniped the various crossbow weilding orcs, and Bard either made people very afraid or put them to sleep with his songs. In the end NiJena was impressed and agreed to take the group to Chief Corgak where the whole slavery ring might be put down.

Shake Karu. Shake.
Session 62

Fresh off the heels of an orc battle, the crew embarked on a quest to overthrow a nearby orc chieftain, and release his slaves.

the night of camping enroute was disrupted by a party of ghouls, who were fairly easily dispatched. Tor was back to looking like the badass hacking machine that he is.

After the rest, the crew managed to stumble upon an orc outpost. Bard, the bard, convinced the snetry to take them to the two commanders. A battle quickly transpired. Boreali fired a double shot to the rear commander and speared him through both eyes. The other axe wielding orc was a little more difficult to overcome, but Karu and Bard captured him.

The next session will open as the group decided what to do with their prisoner. Do they:
1. Cut of his head and take the trophy to a nearby cave and collect treasure for the other orc outpost?
2. Do the same thing after single combat- Karu, Tor, or Boreali?
3. Forget about the cave and go get the cheiftain?

Time will tell…

For One Canine Does not a Werewolf Make
Session 61

To say that this fight mirrored the one when the heroes saved Ashryn would be an understatement. It is as if the characters have truly been reborn and are reliving their lives in the Astral Sea… with and undead Barbie, a circus performer, and a minstrel.

Fresh from waking up in their tombs our heroes emerge into a valley and they see a canine looking fellow running from some orcs. They try to make contact with him but he is unresponsive. The crew decides to engage the orc pursuers and rescue the seemingly innocent werewolf looking dude.

In the battle Tor began melee with a few of the orcs. Bard, the Bard, ran here and there and begin lulling (or lolling) our enemies into various states of consciousness. The canine looking fellow pounced from the treetops and turned into complete canine form just in time to rip someone’s jugular from their throat. Boreali’s score for the evening work were three dead; three of them through the eyes and a final kill was dealt with a baseball bat swing from his Lance.

When the enemies were dispatched the good guys approached the hairy creature and made introductions. It was clear that this new person was not a werewolf but instead a shifter like the group had never seen before. He name was Karu and he was not quick to tell his name or his background. They learned that he had been held against his will by an orc commander nearby. This did not sit very well with the Seven. The next battle will be oppress the oppressors.


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