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  • Session 1

    (Nentin Inn, Fallcrest) (Day 1 Afternoon) Returning from a routine patrol around the outskirts of Fallcrest, Boreali and his partner Ashryn headed to the Nentin Inn. A Genasi warlord raised in the Elemental Chaos, Boreali was still adjusting to his …

  • Session 2

    (Knight's Gate, Fallcrest) (Day 1 Morning) il-Kash arrived in the city of Fallcrest, receiving the usual looks of awe and fear that he had become used to in this strange world of soulless beings. As he entered the city square a young Elf girl, clad in …

  • Session 7

    Upon meeting Tor back at camp for the first time, Ashryn, Boreali and Kara set out to explore the area (Sovelis, il-Kash, and Kai are off exploring another region). The quickly encounter a group of Hobgoblins with the Mark of the Bloodreaver. Kara …

  • Session 8

    Dax, Il-Kash, Sovelis, Kai Discover Irontooth's cave Evening of Day 5 Encounter with a bone golem Warforged sent by the Lord of Blades to make a deal of some sort with Irontooth or his master, and also to hunt down il-Kash

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