The Drow

The Drow hail from the Shadowfell and are associated with darkness, murder, spiders, and all things evil. This reputation is well earned for even within Drow families murder is considered an acceptable, if somewhat tasteless, method of advancement (tasteless being key because of the fact that poison is so often used).

The Drow rarely venture out of the Shadowfell but they defend their territories with brutal efficiency.

Recently there have been more and more sightings of Drow throughout Trine, even in places where there are no active breaches into the Shadowfell. They have been seen working with strange mechanical men in places, though to what end nobody has yet discovered.

It would appear that there is division amongst the Drow, with some factions opposing the alliance with the Lightspeakers and the invasion of Trine. It would seem that Kalan’daxzt (Dax) is involved in this opposition.

Peoples of Trine

The Drow

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