The Dualist Soul of the Star Scion

The Feywild is said to be the bright reflection of the world. Indeed it is a highly magical extension of Trine, still attached to the prime material plane of existence in some places.

The native children of the Fey are pixies. It is also said that whenever a Trinian child is born, a pixie also comes into existence. Such is the case with Oromandia, formerly of the Woodsinger Elves, and Oriander, the feral Fey pixie who joined the Seven thanks to the will of the gods.

The souls of the elf and the pixie were joined at birth, separate but intertwined. When Oromandia was killed, a part of Oriander died as well. Oriander became a feral version of herself, always seeking out battle and losing any memory of her prime material self.

But this was not always the case. When they were both very young, Oriander discovered a thin space portal that allowed her to travel to Trine. The two recognized their own reflection in the other.

Year after year Oriander spent the summer solstice celebration with the Seldar in the Vailin realm of Valindor. For nearly a century this went on, until the Woodsingers left their Seldar brethren behind for the Harken Forest. When Oromandia and her immediate family became exiles from Vailin, so did friends and allies of their family. Oriander could not find a safe portal to the Harken Forest area of the Nentir Vale and time passed.

Oromandia then died, and Oriander became fierce. She was imprisoned, for a time, in the palace of Senaliesse. There she would often sing the Woodsinger songs she had learned from Oromandia. Her voice would fill the cellars and towers of the palace, until one day Tiandra, the Summer Queen, heard those songs and became a common visitor to Oriander’s cell.

It became clear to Tiandra that Oriander was fading. Over time she remembered less and less of her connection to the elves of Trine, and her songs became less and less frequent. Tiandra silently vowed to save her new friend.

It was at that time when Corellon approached Selune to have her nominate a fey protector for Celetriun’s pilgrimage to Trine. Selune brought this matter to the Court of Stars. Tiandra quickly nominated her new friend, Oriander.

This was not a popular choice with the archfey, leaders from most of the Fey Courts. Only the Prince of Hearts of the Gloaming Court sided with Tiandra of the Summer Court. Despite the warnings of the rest of the Court of Stars Selune allowed Oriander’s nomination and gave her blessing for the court to bestow parting gifts for Oriander’s mission. This had only been done once before in the written records of the Court of Stars.

Tiandra freed Oriander from her cell in Senaliesse and delivered the magical endowments from the archfey. Most of these gifts were physical items; weapons and armor. However, Tiandra pleaded with Selune to bestow a special gift onto Oriander. This gift was placed inside Oriander and would prove to take much time to manifest, For inside of Oriander lay a seed that would feed on places and memories and would one day wrest Oromandia’s soul from death. Oriander’s soul would grow and manifest a dual occupation.

Only Tiandra and the Prince of Hearts knew of Selune’s gift. They proudly set forth Oriander unto Trine, whom they called the Star Scion thenceforth.

The Dualist Soul of the Star Scion

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