The Journey Continues

Only days after Boreali, Il-Kash, Tor, Sovelis, and Hadarai left to unify Selduria, Ashryn awoke to a dark figure in her room. Ashryn’s first instinct was to reach for her weapon, but the figure was familiar to her.

In the moonlight she could tell that the figure was Kara. She was silent and motionless as she stood there watching Ashryn sleep. “What is it, Kara?” Ashryn asked her.

“Boreali is dead… It was shown to me in my dreams.” Kara recounted her dream from that evening.

“But you have been plagued with bad dreams since we wrestled Surtur from your mind. It was just a bad dream Kara.”

“Not this time, I’m afraid. The Gray Worm found me in my dreams this eve. I had only caught a glimpse of him while I was possessed by Surtur in the Elemental Chaos… but he found me. He said he brought this news to me as a gift.” Kara was still motionless as she recounted the dream.

“Zebukiel? Is that the ’Gray Worm’ that you speak of? He is a deceiver Kara. You can not believe the lies of the ‘Great Deceiver.’”

“He showed me Boreali’s death. I know it was real. I began to fight him in my dreams as I had done to Surtur. But he did not fight me. Instead he showed me the great island continent of Numoth. He told me I could find the kin of my mother’s people there- the Dragonkin.”

Ashryn looked at Kara with a new found understanding, like she could, only then, see her truly for who she was. She remembered the stories of Teneah, her mother, and how the red dragon Suthernath had come to her. In retrospect, Kara could only be the offspring of a Dragonkin woman… the ancestor to the elves of Nera at the time of the Ascension.

Ashryn looked up at Kara. “Will you leave us then? Will you travel to Numoth?” A tear streamed down Ashryn’s cheek.

Kara came forward and knelt down beside Ashryn. “The truth is, Kara never came back from the Elemental Chaos. This person whom you love is only a remnant of her former self. I would never be what you or Boreali need.”

To that Ashryn let out a sob, and then quickly became stoic again. She nodded in understanding.

Kara continued, “I must seek out my mother’s people on Numoth and try to find out who I am and who I have become. Tacitus has replaced Algol there as representative to the Order of the White Lotus. He is my teacher and friend. He can help me to begin piecing together my past. I am no good to any of you right now, and certainly no good to Trine.”

Ashryn sat up and embraced Kara. She knew that Zebukiel had only revealed these truths to Kara to weaken her band of Trinian heroes, but she also knew that Kara was lost to her now.

She and her father, Sir Haldor Elros, would escort Kara to Numoth and help Kara find her mother’s people. Ashryn and Haldor would return to Marhad alone and exhausted from their travels, but what they would find in Alexander’s Court waiting for them would only lead to more travels and adventures.

Sir Haldor recognized the man. “Oromé!”

Ashryn recognized what he carried. The Box.

Oromé approached them both with a smile. “It has been a long time gwador (brother). I see that the line of my sister is not dead after all.” He looked at Ashryn and addressed her directly and bowed, “Eleni Nén Iónë, my kin… Aranel (princess).”

She remembered the box he extended to her. It was the one she had taken to Venic months earlier.

He continued to address her, “Venic called on me. He asked me to give you this. He said you were ready for it. I am pleased to present you with Ilúvëyón. The last of his kind."

He looked around, seemingly confused. “Where are the others?”

The Journey Continues

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