Trine Cosmology

The Prime Material
The Elemental Chaos
The Astral Sea
The Shadowfell
The Feywild

In the beginning, there was nothing. Into that nothing was born the Elemental Chaos, home to the Dragons, and the Astral Sea, home to the Gods. Wielding mind shattering powers over the elemental forces, the Dragons shaped the Prime Material Plane, creating land, sea, air and everything physical. But it was wild, untamed, raw. Seeing this, the Gods stepped in and shaped order and civilization, giving a pattern to the world completely antithetical to everything the Dragons were. A war for the very nature of the world was fought betweeen the Gods and the Dragons, spanning all of time and creation.

The evil God Tharizdun sought to strike a pact with the evil Dragon Tiamat, but she betrayed him forswearing any alliance with the Gods. Tharizdun was left stranded in the Elemental Chaos, and his pure seed of evil created the Abyss. Seeing this and growing both wary and weary of continued war, The Dragon Bahamut sought a truce with the Gods, and was welcomed by the Four Free Gods – Avandra, Melora, Sehanine and Corellon. Together they forged a treaty that has held to this day, and Bahamut has a realm in the Astral Plane where he regularly holds court.

As the most powerful remaining Dragon in the Elemental Chaos, Tiamat began to exert her authority over the plane. Any who oppose her have been chased off or vanquished; only those Dragons and their followers who pose no threat and can gain her no power have remained free. Tiamat’s greed and ambition know no bounds, and it is no secret that if she is ever able she would destroy civilization on the Prime Material Plane, returning its chaotic nature so that she may make it her home.


Trine Cosmology

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