Tristan was a dragonkin born in Numoth. His parents are unknown and he was raised by the Monks of Bahamut that found him on their monastery steps. Tristan had immense natural strength and was trained in the arts of war. He was especially gifted in ability with the heavy spear. One night, the Cult of Tiamat attacked the monastery. Tristan was the sole survivor. The head monk, upon dying, asked Tristan to find Venic Vortorum and deliver an artifact to him that was kept in the monastery for safety.

Tristan crossed land and sea and faced many challenges and dangers in his path, but his faith never wavered. Finally he came to find Venic and delivered the artifact. Seeing his value, Venic trained Tristan under him as a Knight of Bahamut. During his training, he met Ashryn as a peer under Venic. When word of trouble in Numoth reached him, Tristan knew it was time to return to his home. He left Venic a knight in heavy armor, still specialized in the heavy spear, and still true to the ways of Bahamut.

Tristan returned to Numoth and wreaked havoc on the Cult of Tiamat, slaying any who met him in battle. Soon his might was the stuff of local legend. Eventually, a treaty came about involving a group known as the Seven. As a result, open hostilities in Numoth came to a standstill, but grudges and underhanded dealings continued.

A half-elf dragonkin, half-dragon known as Kara, daughter of Trisha (check name) and Sulfernath came to Numoth about the same time as a sacred cave where the Church of Bahamut stored treasures was infested by creatures no doubt summoned by the Cult of Tiamat. Kara and Tristan were assigned together to take care of the problem as swiftly and subtle as they could.

Tristan found his might in battle with steel was matched by Kara’s power with fire magic. Their foes fell before them and the cave was soon liberated. Tristan found the scales of her father, Sulfernath, given to the Church of Bahamut as a gift long ago, and gave her one as a gift. They emerged from the cave…

“It’s already sunset! There’s no way we’ll get back to town today…” Kara remarked.
“Very well.” Tristan said. “I suppose we’ve earned some rest.”
“Great, I’ll get a fire going…”
A few hours later…
Tristan “Sleep well Kara.”
“Aren’t you going to get some rest?”
“I have my own tent.”
A few minutes later…
Kara “It seems my tent suddenly burst into flames. Dear me…where shall I sleep now?”
Tristan sighed “Very well, you can sleep in my tent. I’ll keep watch by the fire.”
“Nonsense! I can’t have you kicked out of your own tent! Guess we’ll just have to sleep together…I mean, in the same tent…”
“It’s not really proper.”
“What are you afraid of?”
“Prove it.” Kara said, a smile on her lips and challenge in her eyes.
“I don’t need to prove anything. Goodnight, Kara.” Tristan turned to face the fire and sat to indicate he was done with this conversation.
A few minutes later, Kara popped her head out of the tent. “So, um…you don’t want to have sex, right?”
Tristan smiled and said “I’m flattered, and you are beautiful, but no.”
Kara laughed “Tristan I believe you are the only man to have ever resisted my charms.”

Kara and Tristan’s friendship grew over the next few months. One day, Tacitus arrived in Numoth. Kara learned that Boreali was still alive and decided to go to him, but first they would seek the help of Ashryn’s subjects in making a portal close in proximity to where Boreali’s portal took him as a starting place. Tristan got approval to escort his friend across Trine- An alliance with Ashryn would be most welcome by the Dragonkin. Kara agreed and wrote Tristan a letter of recommendation:

“Dearest Ashryn,

This man before you is Tristan of the Dragonkin of Numoth. He is a valiant warrior, a faithful friend, and completely devoted to Bahamut, and incorruptible (Trust me, I tried). I give my heartfelt recommendation as to his capabilities.


When Tristan saw Ashryn he felt his heart stop. He could tell just from watching her that she was as devoted to Bahamut as he was- the very picture of beauty and grace. Tristan had never felt anything like this before and was terribly conflicted and confused about what it all meant…

(Tristan goes on to win Ashryn’s heart…but how? Displaying his might in a tournament, combined with personal interactions?)


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