Trine: Heritage

Horse Butt and the Art of Chasing Your Tail

Session 34

The title actually sums up this session pretty well.

Because of the unstable political climate between Kharsk and Marhad, Sir Haldor chose to take up through the wilderness on the way to meet Alexander. En route, we were attacked by some Gnolls.

The gnoll warriors were sent and outfitted by the Kharsk leaders, it appeared, but the crew dispatched them handily. The stand-out moments were when a Marhad soldier, whom we named Steve, lived through our battle (actually taking out a giant hyena in the process), and when Hadarai made one of the hyena’s chase and bite it’s own tail off.

We learned from Haldor that Boreali’s Dragonring might be in Surthgard, that Alexander has his advisors monitor planar activity, and that Omarion is a trusted member of the Court of Thrones (but is missing currently).

Oh, and Ashryn’s horse, lovingly named Wrecking Ball, has a big booty.


Also, how when Tor got woken up by a giant monster, he yelled at it and tried to go back to sleep.

Thrakk jrodthehitman

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