Trine: Heritage

Lost, But Now Found

Session 66

In this session, Tor and Napkin went off to find Hadarai. The group’s increasingly hysterical Eladrin had run off and disguised himself as Potatoric, the grizzled Orc captain. He had led the Orc defenses away from a stronghold so that the others could “storm the castle.”

When his illusion spell wore off, Hadarai convinced the Orcs that he was indeed Potatoric, disguised as Hadarai, and that he sensed some strangers coming (who were his friends Tor and Napkin). The Orcs were convinced that Potatoric’s powers were far greater than originally conceived. He must be a grand sorcerer/warrior! And with that, the group left the Orcs to further the legend of Potatoric.

- – -

Sovelis and Boreali went off toward Sigil. There they were going to see about the fall of Triunis, but on the way, they discovered an old friend in an outlying camp, run by someone called Big Daddy. The old friend was none other than Kara!

While a conflicted, love-sick Boreali watched Kara interact with Big Daddy, he saw her get bit on the foot by a wererat, and from there Big Daddy’s tribe would not let Kara leave.

Having the element of surprise, Boreali connected with 3 near fatal arrow attacks on the now changed Pig Daddy (he was really a were boar). Sovelis approached from the south and began a nasty display of carnage that would have made Tor proud. Kara burninated several tribal warrior, and Boreali flew after those that retreated and struck them down. The scene was something out of bloody nightmare.

Boreali didn’t know what to say to Kara at first, but the two had a chance to talk. Boreali expressed that he couldn’t believe she had left the group. Kara explained that she thought he was dead and came as soon as she knew that he was alive. The two expressed relief at being reunited, but left the future open to a slow rekindling of romance.

A were tiger named Guar stepped out of the shadows and explained that these lycanthropes were the result of evil witchcraft. The Seven suspect it was the work of Olra.

After burying the dead, the group set out for Sigil and arrived at a once entrance point to the great city. Now abandoned, the group tried to figure out how to enter the elevated city. A half red dragon guard named Steveath spoke of the Lady of Pain, and how he was frustrated at the state of his beloved city under her rule. He showed the heroes a way into Sigil through a long narrow staircase.

Up they went, until they encountered a succubus…

- – -

The group will be taking a summer hiatus until late September. The hope is that most everyone can come to Jared’s house on the 19th for a grand 1 year celebration of D&D!


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