Trine: Heritage

Phylactery or Horcrux?

Session 33

Today Ashryn is in the spotlight. Not only could this fight have gone VERY badly had it not been for a few key shots on Ashryn’s part, but the party found out something very important about the group’s paladin during this session.

The group traveled from Sarthel to the White Lotus Academy. They turned over Algol to the authorities there and received a ritual that Hadarai could use later (to close Surtur’s portal). Then the group took a ferry to Karkoth. There the fun began…

Ashryn, Hadarai, and Boreali went ashore first and encountered that Dessel was waiting for Boreali there. While il-Kash, Sovelis, and Tor were slow to get off the boat, the group was separated by some portals. And those portals were spewing forth undead zombies. Some vampires joined the fray.

Hadarai was able to group all of these undead creatures together, and Ashryn was able to do a large amount of damage to all of them. Ashryn and Boreali chipped away at the big bads during the fight while Hadarai closed the portals.

In the end, none of the good guys had a close call, but the tide of the fight definitely could have shifted had it not been for the good team work (and good rolls).

Sir Haldor Elros approached with some soldiers and the group learned that he was Ashryn’s father. Then the group marched off toward Marhad, the capital, for an audience with King Alexander.


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