Trine: Heritage

Reunion Tor

Session 64

Four factions descended upon the town of Rigus in the Outlands. The timing of this great convergence was no coincidence. Factors outside the knowledge of these individuals were moving the chest pieces to make it so that these people came together at that exact time and place.

There was Boreali, Tor, Bard, Karu, Erelywn, and Nijena, fresh off their battle on the caravan. Having proven themselves to Nijena, that group planned to regroup and stock up on provisions before attacking the great Orc army that had been enslaving Karu and his friends. Boreali and Tor were still trying to put together the last two years after waking up in a tomb. Karu and Erelywn were “relaxing” in a back room.

Then there was Hadarai and Sovelis who had traveled to the Outlands with the help of Tacitus. They were able to make an untraceable portal and were directed by an older gentleman with canaries to the city of Rigus. Before that, the two had been studying magic at the Order of the White Lotus, fresh off of Sovelis’ failed assassination attempt. The two were traveling in secret.

Bard the Bard saw Hadarai and Sovelis and took them to the Inn where Boreali and Tor were relaxing. Boreali embraced his lost comrads despite their illusory countenances (and there was much rejoicing). Hadarai and Sovelis explained that there had been a treaty between Bahamut, Tiamat, The Lord of Blades, and King Alexander that provided the multiverse with a peace. The peace apparently had a stipulation that called for the “disbanding” of The Seven.

Zephyr Drift (Napkin), a sorcerer/warlock, sitting at the hearth overheard this talk and knew instantly who the group was. He introduced himself through a strange mix of skin pigmentation, fire urinating, and crazy acrobatic antics. The Seven looked upon this with a mix of wonder and comic relief.

It is when the fourth faction entered the room that this hodge podge group of adventures began forming bonds forged in battle. None other than Tal’dra entered the room. Boreali and Tor had last track of her since the tomb and there she was, staring at Sovelis. She spoken in Olra’s words and it was then clear that Tal’dra was no longer any part Drow, but only revenant was remained. A revenant created to destroy Sovelis and his allies.

The group quickly dispatched Tal’dra, but not before taking serious damage. Sovelis fell in battle but was able to be revived. They burned Tal’dra’s body, rested, and passed out the magic items Nijena had passed out. Tor became cursed after atuning to an unknown Sword of Vengeance.

Bard the Bard decided to go into retirement. Il-Kash, it is said, was taken away when the rest of the Seven were put to sleep in Sigil. Kara and Ashryn are back on Trine, presumably taking care of personal matters. Oriander is somewhere in the Outlands. This leaves Boreali, Tor, Sovelis, Hadarai, Karu, and Napkin to assuault the main entrance to the Orc stronghold. An orc stronghold that is manned by orcs and warforged? The treaty, in seemed to the adventures, may be in peril if the orcs are working with the warforged.

It seems that the Vridian, who told Bard where to find Boreali and Tor, and the old man with canaries (who may have been Bahamut incarnate) who pointed Hadarai and Sovelis to Rigus may know that the treaty has been breeched, and now need The Seven to band together again. Time will tell…


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