Trine: Heritage

The Successive Approximations of Boreali Windlord

Session 49

When Berendir, the half brother of Sovelis, entered the throne room, Boreali’s recent traverse to the realm of the Raven Queen came flooding back. Flashback commence…

• • •

Boreali awoke back in the Sea of Shadows, where he and the Seven were once betrayed by Olra and trapped in the Shadowfell. There instead were two of Olra’s shades, the shades of all of Boreali’s comrades, two giant dog-bear-dinosaur beasts, and Ambassador Kaidis, Captain of ship of death- Shadowmast.

Thankfully instead of Boreaili’s soul traveling to the Shadowfell, it was instead attracted to his own shade. He overheard one of Olra’s shades trying to sell the Seven shades to Ambassador Kaidis to crew the infamous black ship. Boreali’s personality awoke in the body of the shade to the surprise of everyone in the room.

Berendir was on a mission there to track down Ambassador Kaidis. He revealed himself at that time and Boreali and Berendir saw their goals align. When Tor’s shade was given the order to eliminate Boreali, Tor (and everyone else), awoke in their shades. A battle ensued. Victory went to the Seven (and Berendir).

At the end of the battle Berendir went back to Bonamia (to later recognize Boreali and join the Seven) and the shade of il-Kash went back to Olra. The others, including the shades of: Sovelis, Hadarai, Tor, and Boreali became the new crew of Shadowmast.

Somewhere on the Six Seas of Trine, there is a shadowy boat being led by the good Shades of our heroes, to possibly be called on in a time of war.

• • •

Back in the present, Berendir joins the five other heroes. His background, growing up in Blisterforge, presents the group with the next inevitable move. But for Boreali, the knowledge that Olra has already created a shade of him removes the last remaining hesitation that had kept him from waging war on that ill-fated Shaddar-Kai.


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