Trine: Heritage

Werewolf? There wolf!

Session 63

Karu got a chance to shine in this session. Not only did he square off in some single combat (kind of) against the captive orc, but he later ripped some slavers to shreds. Do read on…

Bard and Boreali blessed the moves and health of Karu before he went into battle with the orc captain, but it didn’t take Karu too long to dispatch him. After, he led the group to the slaver outpost.

On guard outside the site was a slumbing ettin. And because stealth is not our forte, we promptly woke up the beast. Bard convinced the giant creature that we were delivering Karu back to his master and they were promptly let back in the camp. Inside, when the half-ogre attempted to retrieve Karu, the group sprang into action.

Karu punced on the half orc, blooding him. Boreali shot him through the knees and brought him down. Bard rocked the dulcimer and threw the opposition off with his imperfect melody and insults. Tor did the charge and destroy thing, in good Tor fashion. Very soon the bad guys were down and the slaves were free. One slave in particular had a fondness for Karu. More about their budding relationship (and future puppies) in the weeks to come.

Once outside the group encountered an aasimar named NiJena. Though Boreali wanted to put a few arrows in her, Bard’s cool talking pacified this battle hardened gladiator. She agreed to help the group if they could prove themselves in battle. She spoke of an envoy that was approaching. She suggested that the Seven (or those who are left) ambush the envoy. That they did.

During the battle the good guys worked together well. Karu punched several faces off. Tor cut people in two. Boreali sniped the various crossbow weilding orcs, and Bard either made people very afraid or put them to sleep with his songs. In the end NiJena was impressed and agreed to take the group to Chief Corgak where the whole slavery ring might be put down.


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