Trine: Heritage

Why We Love Our Sith Lord

Session 41

The title for yesterday’s adventures came from Hadarai:
“Hadarai says quietly to the others- ‘Darthmer’? He’s a Sith Lord? That explains the soul stealing, and the giant sword…”

The group arrived in Selduria to discover that the Githzerai Ghostdrakes had formed a sort of forced alliance with Skalgard. And Skalgard, being in league with the Drow and Warforged, were quick to send each of those factions to litter the southern beach of the Ghostdrakes on patrol. They provided the warm bodies. Our heroes yielded them cold and lifeless.

Brann’ot, one of the Githzerai guard was willing to strike back against his patrol, and when the fighting was done, he showed the group into the city. Tor was reunited with his father, Furthmer. Furthmer was impressed and proud of his son, he emplored Tor to keep the Ghostdrake Mantle. As well, he gave Tor his sword (which rolls a critical on a 19 or a 20).

Hadarai did his Vulcan Mind Meld thing with one of the Githzerai (Chandara), and learned a new ritual. This ritual allows Hadarai to ask up to three questions about possible courses of action. The proper course of action is highlighted by a magic hand.

This new ritual was used to help the group decide what to do next. They opted to rally the Iron Wolf tribe themselves, while Furthmer rallies the other tribes against Skallgard. Eventually, the heroes path will lead them to the east, where the Blisterforge dwarfs can supposedly offer support to the crown.

A palantir was left with Furthmer to help coordinate the assault on Skalgard.


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