Trine: Heritage

Arcana Sutra

Session 68

Still in the tower. The group will be thinking this same thought for several weeks. The tower is a large, magical, Escheresque Twilight Zone.

Group 1: Boreali, Hadarai, Tor, and Kara ended up in a faux study room that looked like the White Lotus Academy.

Group 2: Sovelis, Napkin, and Guar ended up in a different part of the tower.

Both groups ended up coming together after Group 1 got pegged with a great fireball, and Group 2 ran away from another zombie beholder.

The groups ascended a stairwell into what looked to be a detention center for White Lotus Academy prisoners. The guards addressed Hadarai as “Master,” and things generally got more crazy from there.

Lady Vadriar and Tacitus were prisoners, and addressed Hadarai with hatred and distrust. It became clear that the group had wandered into a an alternative reality, where the Treaty of Trine never occurred. In that reality, Hadarai greatly feared the invasion of extra planar forces, and placed the Academy on a warmongering path, at the cost of his peace loving friends in the Order.

The group went up another set of stairs and defeated a sentinel of this “other” Hadarai. They even briefly spoke to the imposter on a palantir type device. When the battle was done, the group had grim anticipation for what other alternative realities lay in store for them inside of the tower.

  • * *

The title for this week’s session came when Hadarai and Sovelis were reliving their time as bunkmates at the Academy (during the two year period where Boreali and Tor were sleeping). Much was said, and much was not said. The book Hadarai encountered in the study room reminded him of these things. The title: The Arcana Sutra!


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