Glimmerzil Clan

The Gray Dwarves of the Shadowfell, called “ Duergar” by non dwarves, can be seen in the dark parts of many of the larger cities in Trine. They are often mistrusted by other races because of their grim dispositions, their infernal pacts with devils and other dark creatures, and because many of them are criminal exiles from the Shadowfell. Untitled-1.jpg

Foremost among these criminal exiles are the Glimmerzil clan. They originally came to Trine from the Shadowfell mid-war with their distant cousins, the Gold Dwarves, over the birthright to the land called, Deep Shanatar.

Clan Glimmerzil were the first of the Gray Dwarves to flee the Shadowfell during the war. Their leader, Orsaun Xornith, betrayed the other clans. The Glimmerzil mission had been to find the Gold Dwarf portal from Trine and block their escape. Orsaun found the portal, but instead of keeping his word, he modified the portal to allow his entire clan to retreat to Trine. Once on the other side, he destroyed the portal.

Orsaun knew that eventually knowledge of his clan’s actions would echo in both realms, and it was only a matter of time before his brethren were the most reviled of the Gray Dwarves. He knew his time was short to gain power in Trine. Using his connections to the devils he was in league with, the Glimmerzil clan found work with the Iron Circle.

Because of their resistance to poisons, paralysis, illusion, and fire, the Glimmerzil Duergar became valued mercenaries for the dirty work of the Iron Circle. Since that time the Glimerzil clan has had its hands in the infernal secret work of the evil leaders of Trine. Assassinations. Dark exploration. Slavery. Orsaun did not turn down any lucrative job, no matter how amoral.

Orsaun traveled to Skarsk in Karkoth to meet with the head of the Bloodreavers and was presumably killed at sea. To honor their fallen leader each member of the Glimmerzil clan brand three points on their bodies to represent the three residences of the passed Orsaun Xornith: the Shadowfell, Trine, and the after life.

Seemingly leaderless, the Glimmerzil Duergar turn up in the most foul and wretched of places. There are some that believe Orsaun is not dead, that he is still pulling the strings of his clan worldwide.

Glimmerzil Clan

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