Timeline of Trine

The Dawn Wars
The Dragons forged the world of Trine. It was untamed and raw. Gods, such as the Seldarine and Morndinsamman began to mold this new world with the creation of the Elven and Dwarf races (respectively). The Dragons saw this as a territorial breach and the Dawn Wars sparked a conflict that remain until present day. Bahamat creates the Children of Heaven.

The Great Schism
The betrayal of Karsus and the Duergar caused the Seldarine and Morndinsamman to split the very fabric of space, creating the magic of the Feywild and darkness of the Shadowfell. They Mystra Plague begins.

The Golden Age
The period of peace and prosperity during the height of the Arkhosian Empire, before Bael-Turath became irrevocably corrupted and the Great War began.

The Great War
When the Bael-Turathi became overwhelmed by the corruption of the pacts they made the only ones who could stop them were the Arkhosians. The War raged for decades, destroying everything in its path.

The Fall

The period of upheaval during which the Arkhosian Empire and Bael-Turath collapsed under their own weight, having destroyed their infrastructure and completely compromising all of their values following the Great War.

The War of Ruin (immediately after the Fall)
Following the Fall the remnants of the Empires engaged in a decades long civil war. This was a period of great strife and destruction, during which whatever hope there was for the reestablishment of civilization was crushed. The Gods of the Astral Sea have always suspected that the Dragons, especially Tiamat, had a hand in this.

The Dark Age
For centuries following the War of Ruin fragments of Civilization struggled to flourish. It has taken all of those centuries for the few Points of Light that now exist to establish themselves with any sort of permanence.

Current Day (500 years after the War of Ruin)

Timeline of Trine

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