The Academy of the White Lotus

The Academy is one of the handful of schools of magic in Trine that is truly dedicated to learning and educating mages.

While initially conceived as a base and cover for the The Order of the White Lotus it has since grown into its own entity and the faculty are only occasionally members of the Order.

Throughout the years the Academy has had a difficult relationship with both the neighbouring cities of Sarthel and Fallcrest and the monsters that inhabit the Thunderspire Mountains. To alleviate this the wizards established an outpost of sorts they dubbed the Seven Pillared Hall.

White Lotus Academy Headmasters:
Headmistress Daniorra- 12 years
Headmaster Sladson- 7 years
Headmistress Selena- 23 years
Headmistress Tarut- 2 years
Headmistress Umberlin- 12 years
Headmaster Stelson- 19 years
Headmaster Daudier- 29 years
Headmaster Demmon- 19 years
Headmistress Calcagia- 12 years
Headmaster Marovic- 8 years
Headmistress Vadriar- 2 years


The Academy of the White Lotus

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